She Stumbled Upon a Painting at an Art Gallery that Changed her Life

engagement cheerHow we met: I met Tim through my older sister when I was a teenager.  He always knew me as “Lori’s younger sister”.  Our paths crossed many years later at a wedding and then a year later again at an event we were both at.  In an effort to reconnect with me, he joined Facebook and added me as a friend.  We began talking through there and eventually started communicating via text and phone.  We developed such a strong friendship that I viewed him much like a brother.  He told me after some time he wanted to be together but I was fearful of ruining the friendship if it did not work out.  He pursued us being together for 18 months! Finally, I knew that he was who I wanted to be with and we began our relationship.  About a year later, we bought a home together and have been together for the past 5 years.

how they asked: Tim asked me to come with him to see a venue that he was considering to host his annual birthday party.  We ended up at an art gallery called Gallery 133.  The owner greeted us and began to discuss the floor plan of the party.  Tim excused himself to go to the bathroom at which time the owner began to speak to me about the art for our home.  She walked me through the gallery talking about each piece, the artist and the elements of the design.

As I turned to look at another piece, I noticed a painting hanging on the wall that looked familiar.  It was a painting of Tim and I with Tim holding my outreached hand.  I was so confused and couldn’t even make sense of what I was seeing.


The owner said there was an interesting story about the piece and invited me to read it.  Next to the painting was an explanation.  The painting was titled “The Proposal”.


I stood there reading the same sentence several times and then turned to see where he was and if this was real.  There he was kneeling behind me on one knee.  I was completely in shock and overwhelmed at the thought, time and care he had put into making this day special and memorable.  It was truly one of the best days of my life!!





Art by Mike Mcdonald: @da_mza13
Photography by Nazanin Mirsharifi: @nazaninmirsharifi and Brent Jones: @1motionfilms
Special thanks to Germaine King