Nicole and Terence

How We Met

I was just out of high school and looking for my first job. I applied to our local supermarket and two weeks later, I was hired! After a few weeks of working there, I soon became smitten with Terence, who was a manager at another store. Shortly after meeting him, I kept trying to come up with clever ways to see him or talk to him, and to my surprise he was trying to see and talk to me too! I can still remember the butterflies when he first asked me out. And it’s been the same ever since!

Image 1 of Nicole and Terence

how they asked

It was our three year anniversary and we decided to go on a cruise out of our hometown, Tampa. Terence went all out- he got us a suite with a balcony overlooking the bay, VIP access on board, and so many other goodies. We had just gotten settled in our room and we decided to go out onto the balcony to see Tampa Bay before heading out. He told me he had gotten me one other small thing for our anniversary, and went back into the stateroom to get it. When he came back out, I turned around to look at him and he was on one knee, asking me to marry him… After a copious amount of tears, I said yes! So naturally, when we got back from the cruise, our first stop had to be Disney World to celebrate!

Image 2 of Nicole and Terence