Nicole and Tanner

Proposal Ideas Dosewallips Falls, Brinnon, WA

How We Met

Tanner and I met in 2008 at our church youth group in Massachusetts, and shortly after meeting we became best friends. It didn’t take long before my sister tricked us into admitting we liked each other, and we started dating in May of 2010. We went to my junior and senior prom together, then went to the same college – Liberty University in Virginia. After an amazing 3 years there and lots of adventures, we came back home and started adult life.

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how they asked

Tanner and I went to visit one of our best friends, Blake, who lives in Washington. We had a full week of adventures planned, so we dressed for the northwest January outdoors and headed out on a road trip. Our first stop was a waterfall in Dosewallips state park in Brinnon, WA. Nobody knew what it looked like, but after a short two minute hike we began to see water cascading high through the trees. As we got closer, we realized it was a massive waterfall – the most beautiful I had ever been to!

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Once we got there, I started to explore and climb on rocks, not even realizing that Tanner had gone back to the car. I asked Blake where he went, and Blake told me he had gone to get his phone for pictures. When he came back, we hugged and looked at the waterfall together. He asked me to look at the waterfall so he could take an artsy picture, so I looked away…and when asked if I liked the photo I turned back and he was on one knee with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen!

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Neither of us are quite sure what we said but I know I said yes and cried quite a bit. We are so happy and over the moon, and obviously had a great rest of the trip!

Special Thanks

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