Nicole and Steven

How We Met

Our story is super special. I had never dated anyone and neither had she. I was getting tired of being single and started to pray about it. As this was going on, I started to get really involved at my church. On the other hand, Nicole prayed about which church to go to. She said the Lord told her to go to the church I was a member of. This was on the other side of the county in which she lived. She started going there as I was already there. People knew she had never dated anyone and kidded around with us to talk to each other but she was very anti – dating at the time. She thought she would be single her whole life. The first time I officially met Nicole was when the youth group went to Chik Fil A after a Wednesday night service. I saw her sitting with another girl and I went to sit down with them and talk.

As I started to do that regularly every Wednesday, I started noticing this crazy attraction and connection I had with Nicole. I was so overwhelmed with her inner beauty! This started to slowly turn into the longest phone conversations I’ve ever had with any human being! We would talk about the Bible and just life! We were still very shy and only kept to being friends. It was her last day before going to college and she prayed that if I didn’t say anything to her about being interested in her, then she would move on. I saw her later that night at Chik Fil A and didn’t say anything. But after we left, I called her to tell her how much I appreciated her. For some reason, I told her I liked her out of nowhere and she said she felt the same! We were relieved! Again, we didn’t really talk but prayed about rather we should date or not. Finally, we started dating and it was the best decision I had ever made!

how they asked

Nicole is the only girl I’ve ever been in a relationship with and I knew that one day when I proposed to my future wife, I wanted it to be the most special day of both of our lives. I am the first boy she’s ever had a relationship with as well. I prayed constantly only to have peace about proposing to her. I wanted to treat her like the princess she is and show her that I want to commit myself to loving her all of our days. Since she’s the only girl I’ve ever dated, I wanted to make this special. We have only had first experiences together and it will always be that way! We were super shy and nervous around each other at the beginning. Our first kiss, hug, holding hands, and everything else was so nerve wracking but exciting. I was sure I could do this well! We were leaving Dec. 22 to go spend Christmas with her extended family, so I wanted to do this the day before we left so she could share it with her family when we got there. I told Nicole that I hadn’t gotten her a lot of Christmas gifts, so I would have a day of fun random experiences that I would gift for her. It would be one fun activity after another that was a surprise.

I had the entire day planned out. First, I took her to Gould’s Salon and Spa in Downtown Memphis. We had a couple’s massage in the couple’s room. It was dimly lit with candles and we got down to nothing but our underwear to be massaged for an hour relaxation message. After that, we had a light lunch in the Spa that was ordered I picked out before in a secluded spot of the Spa. Then, we had Fiji pedicures and manicures. Next, I surprised Nicole with taking her to an outside ice skating rink by the MS river. They had Christmas music playing and we laughed a lot despite not skating very well! After that, we went to look at the Peabody Hotel. It was gorgeous with Christmas lights and Christmas trees everywhere! Then, I took her to her favorite coffee shop. I was starting to get a little nervous. After that, the next surprise was a one hour Carriage Ride that had the Cinderella theme.

The carriage was lit up with lights. It took us through the downtown district and by the MS river. Next, I had us go to her favorite restaurant I had reservations at. I was insanely nervous and could hardly eat any food! One final thing! I told Nicole I had one final gift I wanted to give her in a certain spot. So, we drove to the Collierville Square. It was a place that Nicole and I had gone the previous Christmas. It is decorated with so many lights and trees. It’s very cute! As soon as we got there, I had her close her eyes and I put the gift in her hand. I walked her to a gazebo in the middle of the square. We were surrounded by a Christmas lights wonderland. I had a photographer hidden there behind a tree to capture the moment.

My gift was a photo album of all the pictures we had ever had together since we started dating. I saved them all and wanted Nicole to enjoy these moments. She is a very artsy person and loves these things. She opened the gift and was smiling from ear to ear. I couldn’t stop looking away from the prettiest girl I have ever laid eyes on. I knew the moment was coming. She flipped through the photo album and we enjoyed every little moment that was captured. As she got to the last page of the photo album, on the four picture inserts, I had written out in four picture spaces out of hearts, “Will you marry me?”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Collierville Square - Memphis, TN

Nicole and Steven's Engagement in Collierville Square - Memphis, TN

As soon as she saw this page, I knelt down and asked the best question of my life to the best person I’ve ever met. She said yes!