Nicole and Steven

how they asked

The day Steven proposed to me it definitely did not go as he planned. We had just closed on our home the morning of May 7th and the plan was for me to go into work immediately after. While driving to the house I was too excited and decided to take the day off instead. I didn’t understand why he kept asking me if I wanted to go ahead and go in but I was persistent to get the unpacking started. You see, he planned on me proposing to me when I got to our new home after work that evening. He quickly had to come up with plan b.

I was in the kitchen filling a bowl of water for our pup and started searching for both of them. It what seemed like it took a long time and was becoming impatient. I saw them in our backyard outside our fence looking at the pond. I walked out on to the deck and asked them to come inside so we can “get to work” and we continued to argue back and forth about me coming down there and him bring her inside. Ultimately he won so I walked downstairs and outside the fence, with the bowl of water. He was on both knees and asked me if I thought a bench would like nice in that spot. I just looked at him like he was crazy. Then he switched to one knee and pulled out the ring I have been dreaming of. But instead of putting it on immediately I place the bowl of water on the ground for our puppy, dropped to my knees and pretty much tackled him. It was the absolute perfect proposal for us as a couple. I can’t help but giggle every time I get to tell it.

Marrying Steven in Barbados will be absolutely perfect. I don’t care if it pours on us the entire time. I get to start a great adventure with the love of my life and call him my husband. That is what I am looking forward to the most!

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