Nicole and Steven

Nicole and Steven's Engagement in Waterside Restaurant

How We Met

Steven and I met August, summer of 2015. During that month we both happened to be vacationing in Portugal (we’re both Portuguese). I had him as a friend on Instagram so we would like each others travel pictures. He ended up messaging me and started a conversation about my trip (yep, social media brings people together HAHA). Long story short, when we were both back home from vacation he invited me out on a coffee date. Ever since then we started to spend more time together.

how they asked

Fast forward two year, he graduated from the fire academy on October 10th. Such an accomplishment which I am beyond proud of him. On October 14th, we went out to dinner with my family and his to celebrate what I thought was only for his “graduation”. Which it was but that wasn’t the only thing we celebrated. After dinner and of course dessert, we stepped outside to take some photos. Who doesn’t like a good NYC backdrop? We started to take a picture facing the city (backs to the camera) and Steven stood just a bit behind me. When I turned around he was down on one knee. Truly the best feeling ever, I said YES!

Where to Propose in Waterside Restaurant