Nicole and Shun

Our table

How We Met: At the very beginning of 2014, Shun and I met online – but we actually say that we met at a Christmas party (haha!). After exchanging numbers and chatting for a few days, he asked to take me to lunch one day in Buckhead. We had never met in person before but something told me to give it a shot. We spent about two hours at this small table on the 2nd floor, talking about our life goals, interests, family and qualities that we look for in a partner. It was a great date because we haven’t left each others side yet!

how they asked: Before Labor Day weekend, Shun mentioned On one kneethat an old professor had asked him to speak at an event for his previous graduate school program.

He started a grassroots basketball company after receiving his MBA so I’m used to showing my support during his many speeches to students and athletes around Georgia. I was excited when I found out the event was ironically at one of our favorite restaurants – Del Frisco’s Grille, where we had our first date!

The day of the event, we were running a little late. I kept telling him that we need to leave because you know how Atlanta traffic can be. Little did I know, he was stalling to make sure everyone was there for the big surprise. :)

We pulled up to Del Frisco’s Grille and told the hostess that we were here for the gradate event. She kindly walked us upstairs to their private room. I walked through the doors and heard “SURPRISE!” – all of our close family and friends were there!

I first noticed my mom standing there, who drove in from Indiana. Tears. Then I see my best friend, who flew in from California. More tears! Shun grabbed my hands, got on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said “Yes!”

We celebrated with yummy food, champagne, delicious cupcakes and even a slideshow of pictures of Shun and I that included videos from my family members that couldn’t make it! Then a photographer took pictures of us sitting at our table – where it all started! It was perfect!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in where we had our first date

Bride's Proposal in where we had our first date

Close Up

Chelsea hug

Ring YAY

Photos by: Kemi Griffin