Nicole and Scott

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How We Met

(Nicole’s version) – My best friend was dating his best friend, so we always knew each other but weren’t really friends. I always thought he was so nice and so handsome, but we were both dating other people at the time. Years later (and now single), I was on a boat on Lake St. Clair in Michigan and I spotted Scott (hoping he was single too). I called out his name and he waved me over to join him and his friends on his boat. We got to talking, and my excitement grew when he told me he was also single! He asked for my number so he could take me out to dinner. When I added my contact info in his phone, I put “future wifey Nicole” and he’s kept it like that ever since! Very ironic that now I really am his future wifey! It was fate :)

how they asked

My grandparents 60th anniversary was coming up, and Scott knowing how close I am with my grandparents suggested that we ask his friend to take photos of them as gift from us. He set it all up at a park in Rochester Hills, Michigan, where my parents & grandparents met up with us. While we were there the photographer asked me if I could go down by the water for some test shots before my grandparents came down. As I was wandering looking at ducks, I heard Scoot say “babe….” and I turned around and knew what was about to happen from the look on his face! I SCREAMED “Are you really doing this right now?!” As he got down on one knee, he grabbed my hand and my body went numb, I started crying tears of joy! I was so nervous/anxious I don’t remember anything he said before “Will you marry me?” All I could do was hug him as tight as I could, and scream repeatedly “YES YES YES!!” Looking back up the hill, my family was all crying & cheering along with Scott’s family who was there as well! Having my grandparents there to witness this special moment meant everything to me. It was the best moment of my life and everyone I loved was a part of it! A day I will never forget – I am one lucky girl!

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