Nicole and Scott

Where to Propose in Stable Cafe / The Cheese School - San Francisco, CA

How We Met

Scott grew up in the SF Bay Area, and I’m from Texas. We met almost 7 years ago, as law students at University of California, Hastings, in San Francisco.

We became fast friends and great study buddies, but we were both in relationships right up to graduation. As our student-selected speaker, Scott shined on graduation – he’s got an amazing sense of humor, and can hype up a room full of people with his jokes and laughter. Seeing him bring our audience to uncontrollable laughter that night, and realizing how easy it was to spend hours on end with each other – studying, chatting, eating – flipped a switch.

Shortly after graduation, and while studying for the CA bar exam, we decided to fly in the face of everyone’s advice, started dating, and haven’t looked back since!

Here we are, five years later – we’ve shared inside jokes, vacations, silly poses, and countless pizzas – and now we’re engaged!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Stable Cafe / The Cheese School - San Francisco, CA

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Stable Cafe / The Cheese School - San Francisco, CA

Nicole's Proposal in Stable Cafe / The Cheese School - San Francisco, CA

Nicole and Scott's Engagement in Stable Cafe / The Cheese School - San Francisco, CA

Proposal Ideas Stable Cafe / The Cheese School - San Francisco, CA

how they asked

There’s nothing better than a pizza party . . . unless, it’s a surprsie pizza party proposal!

My fiance, Scott, planned a surprise proposal that was seriously something taken right out of my dreams. Brilliantly executed through the guise of a pizza-making class with The Cheese School SF, held at one of our favorite cafes in San Francisco, Scott asked my best friend to circulate an email about attending, to which my immediate response was “hell yes, I’m down.”

On Friday (7/27), the evening of our “class,” Scott met me after work, so we could head to the cafe together. At that time, nothing excited me more than the thought of catching up with friends and making (read: eating) a few pizza (you’ve probably caught on by now that it’s my favorite food) – I even wore my “Ciao” shirt in honor of that night’s Italian theme. Little did I know . . .

Our closest friends all arrive, I sign in for us (there was a sign in sheet – brilliant), and the “instructor” (she was in on it, too) asked everyone to check their apron pockets for any leftover items/belongings, since they had to clean up quickly from the night before.

The big reveal – a small pink velvet box – was hiding right there in my apron. Still in pizza-making mode, and not suspecting a thing even at this point, I hand the box to Scott. He drops down on one knee. I lose my mind, totally overcome with surprise, excitement, shock, and joy! Somehow, breathlessly, I said “yes!” Seriously, I had no idea it was going to happen that night! (A true testament to how perfectly that evening was planned.)

We were both so shaking from nerves and excitement, and we could barely stand still enough to get the ring on my finger – but it was a perfect fit. Cue the champagne, music, and our friends’ applause!

As I finally come back down to earth from the proposal, there’s another surprise: 30 of our friends entered the cafe, arms cheering the whole way! My heart burst, and I ran to greet each and every one of them.

Pizza may be one of my top loves, but I’ll definitely make room in my heart for Scott, forever.

Special Thanks

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