Nicole and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I started talking on a online dating app called Clover. It is an app where you can set up a date. So I chose to set up a date with Ryan on a Thursday and we met each other on a Monday. On September ,12 2016 we met at a restaurant called Friday’s. We both knew there was something special between us when we met that Monday night. That same week we had a second date at Como Zoo in St. Paul on a Sunday. We had an amazing time getting to know each other more previously so we went to Centennial Lakes for our third date and we really enjoyed going there together. A couple weeks later Ryan left for Africa for nine days with his church group for about a week and a half. I knew it was going to be hard with him leaving so soon after we met but we both made sure we would keep in touch when he was away. He sent me a song called Wanted by Hunter Hayes. That song for both of us really meant a lot to us. After he came back from Africa he asked me to be his girlfriend and I was so happy and joyed to be his girlfriend! As months passed by with us spending time with each other and going on dates we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together; Ryan is someone I could not live without!

how they asked

It was a Friday morning September, 8 2017 and we had breakfast. That afternoon we went to go look at a house for an hour and after that he wanted to bring me to Centennial Lakes. We get to Centennial Lakes and we walk around and we decide to go sit at the spot we usually had done before when we have been there. These seats are by this beautiful willow tree in the shade. We sit down and we look at each other and we can’t stop smiling as we enjoy sitting in the seats together and the peaceful scenery. A couple minutes after we sit down, Ryan takes out his phone and plays the song Wanted by Hunter Hayes. I get emotional and I start to cry; happy tears of course! So he comes and hugs me and we stand up hugging each other. He starts talking to me on how excited he is for the both of us as a couple. He then gets down on one knee; my emotions were even higher than before and he asked me to marry him! Ryan and I couldn’t be more excited and happy to be spending the rest of our lives together!

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Special Thanks

Steve Vogt
 | Photographer