Nicole and Ronnie

Image 1 of Nicole and Ronnie

How We Met

On a lovely day in February 2004, Mr. Ronnie Julio arrived for his first shift at Au Bon Pain (ABP). His shift was “Merchandising” and that presented the opportunity to meet Ms. Nicole Diaz. After a brief introduction from their manager, Nicole trained Ronnie how to stock the cafe’s merchandise and complete other random tasks. Throughout this knowledgeable teaching session, Ronnie learned what it will be like to work at ABP and was taken away by Nicole’s personality and energy.

how they asked

Image 2 of Nicole and Ronnie

After 12 years of friendship and 5 years in a relationship Ronnie finally decided it was time to make his move and make me his wife! Ronnie carefully planned the perfect proposal and got their best friends, Cliff and Amber Garth, involved in the surprise. Ronnie and I took our annual Memorial Day trip to Boone, NC to visit the Garth family. To me, it seemed like a normal vacation. Upon arrival, Amber talked about taking them to this beautiful place off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and she said we couldn’t miss it! I got really excited because I love beautiful mountain views and I knew that Ronnie had never visited the Blue Ridge Parkway before.

Everyone kept me busy and distracted by telling me to take pictures of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s views as we all made our way to the Rough Ridge Overlook parking lot. We parked and headed up the trail to the top of the overlook. When we got there I immediately hopped onto this big rock that overlooked the mountains! I wanted Amber to take a million pictures of me standing on this rock! I called Ronnie over to take pictures of ourselves laying on the rock, then sitting on the rock, then standing on the rock! After the photo shoot was over, Ronnie said, “Now I have a question to ask you.” and at that point he took a big white box from his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was SHOCKED! For those who know me, you know it is very, very difficult to surprise me! Even though I had been hoping and wishing Ronnie would propose to me….I was completely caught off guard. I kept repeating, “Are you serious?!?” until finally saying, “YES!! OMG YES!!”

We were married on 3/11/2016 and could not be happier!