Nicole and Robert

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how they asked

Robert and I had planned to go away for a weekend after my annual work conference at a nearby golf resort in Oubaai just to relax and get away for some fresh air and fun adventures (and to celebrate his 30th birthday). The Sunday night stay over was a complete surprise at an unknown location (I am super detail orientated and would have noticed anything unusual, so to ensure i was completely surprised, he planned the surprise on a weekend that i “thought i had planned”).

After a weekend filled with spa surprises, farmer market adventures, quad biking and memories of beautiful views and special spots – we were off to an unknown destination. As we were driving up the mountain, the ride was just beautiful green trees on both sides. We had arrived to a private cabin at Teniqua Treetops (we felt like we were in the trees). It was breathtakingly beautiful!

The day was perfect, drinking wine on a porch, with the most incredible views that went on for km and km. Robert decided it was a perfect sunset opportunity and set up his go pro to take a few pics of us against the gorgeous green backdrop. It then suddenly (typical South African weather in winter) started pouring with rain.

Robert quickly made a plan to make it work, and used it to his advantage. He said we should still take some pictures as the clouds and rain make it look very dramatic (just like my personality in his words) and pushed play taking a shot every half a second (excuse the rain drops – they all real photos happening in the moment).

“Just like this weather, through the rain, sunshine and storms – i will love you forever. You are the most amazing girl and will be there for you in every season of our lives. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and will love you forever” I thought he was just trying to be romantic and couldn’t stop kissing him at this stage.

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He then went on his knee and asked me to marry him.

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I stood there in shock and completely surprised. I couldn’t say anything but just kiss him.

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Of course i said yes (after tears, kisses and “is this real thoughts”) to the man of my dreams, my rock, best friend and biggest supporter.


With my rose gold perfection ring (I couldn’t have chosen a better ring myself).