Nicole and Robert

How We Met

6 years ago I embarked on an adventure & never could foretell that it would be beyond my wildest dreams. I moved to Florida from Australia to go to college and get the full “American college experience”. Within my first week, I was loving it and loving meeting new people so when someone across my dorm room invited me into their room for pizza, I gladly accepted the invite. But as I entered, (I didn’t know it then) but there sat my future husband eating the last piece of pizza! He says it was love at first sight, (and even though I did get butterflies in my stomach when I saw him-I’d never admit that to him!) I was there for about 10 minutes, and with no pizza in sight, I left the room without giving him any of my info and thought I’d just see him around and didn’t think anything of it (this girl was hangry!)

To my surprise, those 10 minutes had made a last impression on him and lead him on a quest to find me. Without my knowledge, he had been pining for me, asking around the university (USF- University of South Florida) for my actual name as everyone just knew me as “Aussie” so he could add me on FB. He eventually found someone who gave him my FB name and he started messaging me.

I was completely shocked, but never thought he was being serious asking me on a date via my DM haha! I was shocked that he continued to message me weeks, and months later and never gave up trying to date me. It wasn’t until the start of the next school year that I finally gave him a chance and took him up on his offer for my last first date. From that first date, we fell madly in love, we never left each other’s side and the rest is history.

how they asked

Fast forward to summer of this year where we are dreaming of an island getaway to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in November. Thailand has always been on both of our bucket lists and I had mentioned that we should’ve gone last year as they had the lantern festival on our anniversary (huge “Tangled” fan over here). After discussing it, we just didn’t think it would be possible, so I started looking for some options closer to home.

As I presented some different options, it was time for him to spill the beans. Low and behold my prince had planned my dream vacation to Thailand. He managed to take the time off work and was secretly planning when to propose. He did keep telling me that the only catch was that he wasn’t able to get lantern festival tickets as they were completely sold out but that we would buy our own one and set it off. A little disheartened, I understood and knew that he was so sweet for thinking of a cute little alternative.

But again, to my surprise, the day of the lantern festival as I’m getting ready, he tells me to wear my white dress I’d been saving for a nice dinner. I didn’t really question him and threw it on, and when we’re were leaving the hotel I asked if we should get a took took to the market, thats when he smiled. He pulled out our lantern festival tickets and said our ride would be pulling up any minute! My smile brimming ear to ear, I thought that was the biggest surprise of the night!! (But boy was I wrong)

We got to the festival and it was already so breathtaking. After a traditional dinner and monk blessing, we started to get ready to light and let go of our lanterns. We lit our lantern and RJ suggested we ask someone to video us releasing it into the sky. I was so excited I just kept smiling! As we released the lantern into the sky, I looked up to watch it float in the air and join all the other magical lanterns floating. As I looked back down, there was RJ, on one knee holding a beautiful, glimmering ring box like I’ve never seen before. I screamed a little and even grabbed the sweet Thai girls hand who took our video. In a crowd of thousands of people, I felt like it was just us two there.

As he was on one knee and started to speak such sweet words, the tears just kept flowing. Then, my favorite thing happened, he asked me to make him complete and whole, by becoming his wife. Shaking and eyes filled with happy tears, I exclaimed YES!!! He swooped me off my feet (literally and figuratively!) And I could hear people applauding and that’s when I realized that this fairytale was actually a reality!

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