Nicole and Robert

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How We Met

Robert and I met on May 13, 2016, when our mutual friend Chris invited us both to a restaurant in Dallas, TX. My girlfriend and I had been there for a while when I noticed Robert walk in, who I had confused for someone else I knew from my hometown. I quickly ran up to say hello but as I got closer I realized the person I was walking towards wasn’t who I thought it was. I was too close and couldn’t turn back, so I decided to still say hello.

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Robert appeared confused as I approached him but was as nice as could be after we met, and we continued to talk throughout the night. We quickly put together that we both attended Texas Christian University, and had been living in close proximity to each other for the past six years in both Fort Worth and Dallas. We had an extensive list of mutual friends and even took a weekend trip together through a student ministry organization during our time at TCU. In the weeks following our first date, Robert friend requested me on social media where I found that we even had several photos together! We went on our first date two days later and have been together ever since!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Napa, California

How They Asked

Robert and I were scheduled to take a trip to Napa, California with his family for Thanksgiving in 2018. Due to the fires in California that year we rescheduled our trip to the following June. Two weeks prior to the trip we took a weekend trip to Robert’s family’s lake house with my family and his to celebrate Father’s Day. In the back of my mind, I thought this was the weekend he was going to propose. This is where I first met his family only a month after we met, and it is also where my family met his the following year. We have spent so many great times together at the lake and this weekend was not an exception. Although this is not where we got engaged, it is where Robert asked my father for my hand in marriage. After my dad gave his approval our families quickly put a plan together for the proposal in Napa, California!

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Robert and both of our families did such a great job keeping this whole thing a secret! We arrived in California on a Thursday and met his sister in Oakland for lunch prior to heading to Napa. We had dinner that night with his mom and sister, and I had no idea that meanwhile, my parents were just getting in at the resort where we were all staying. Robert remained in contact with them the entire night and confirmed the plan for the next morning.

Nicole and Robert's Engagement in Napa, California

The next morning, Robert was acted completely normal as we got ready and had breakfast. I still had no clue my parents were there as we later boarded our shuttle and headed out to our first winery. We sat down to our first tasting at the Domaine Chandon, where I sat next to Robert not knowing he had the ring in his pocket! Once the tasting ended, Robert suggested to his sister and I that we take a walk around the property. I noticed his sister, Jessica, had stopped a little while back and was taking photos of the scenery. I thought it was a little strange that she wasn’t coming with us, but because she is a photographer I figured she was taking some photos for an upcoming project. Robert and I continued to walk around before going to the edge of the property and stopping at an overlook. While we were looking at the view, Robert took my hand and got down on one knee and asked him to marry him!

I was in complete shock and repeatedly said “No! No! No!” while I was thinking, “This isn’t happening!” After coming back down to reality, I quickly said “YES!” and could not stop my tears. Meanwhile, his sister was capturing so many amazing photos that I will forever treasure. Our parents were also watching nearby. My parents surprised me soon after the proposal and I was flooded with more tears of joy. I could not believe that Robert had planned such a perfect weekend that included our families. Robert and I had been dating for approximately three years at this point, and we had experienced times of loss together that quickly bonded us with each other’s families.

I was so incredibly grateful that he included both of our families to be a part of this very special time. It was beyond perfect and I am so thankful we were able to experience it together. I know this took a lot of planning and sacrifice from both of our families, and I am so grateful! I will forever cherish this moment and this special gift that God has given me in my fiance!

Special Thanks

Jessica Rhodes
 | Photographer
Beth Rhodes
 | Planning
Elio + Diana Alfonso
 | Planning