Nicole and Robby

Where to Propose in Paris

How We Met

Robby and I actually met in high school… he was two grades above me and toward the end of my freshman year he sent me a facebook message saying something along the lines of “hey, I see you in the halls at school and think your really cute” — the original version of “sliding into the DM’s.” I obviously responded because Robby was cute and older and popular and then we started “talking.” We would text all the time and make out sometimes but this is definitely not where our true love story started. Luckily, Robby and I stayed friends for years and a little over four years ago after a few too many tequila-soda’s we made out again for the first time in a long time and the rest is history. We began dating pretty immediately and have no been together for just over four years. He moved into my apartment last October and about three months ago we signed the lease on our first ever apartment together.

How They Asked

Back in February, Robby and I booked an amazing trip to Europe where we would make stops in Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, and Lisbon — we had done a fair amount of traveling together in the states and to various islands, but this was our first ever Eurotrip together and we were both so excited! We were leaving for the trip on our 4 year anniversary, so I obviously thought a proposal might be coming, however, Robby kept telling me “not to get my hopes up.” July 3rd (our anniversary) rolled around and we headed across the pond! We landed in our first stop, Paris, on July 4th and Robby told me I had to dress up that night because we were going to a fancy dinner at a restaurant his co-worker had recommended. He was wearing a suit and I had to wear a dress. The restaurant was on the opposite side of the River from where we were staying but Robby insisted on walking because apparently there was an awesome spot for photos with a view of the Eiffel Tower halfway across the bridge. We got to the spot on the bridge and the view truly was amazing.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris

We stopped to take a selfie and once I put my phone back in my bag Robby got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I said YES and it was the most incredible, surreal feeling in the world!! After putting the ring on my finger Robby turned and pointed to a woman with a camera who I thought to be a tourist but was actually our photographer that he had hired to capture the moment. Robby’s proposal could not have been more perfect — from the ring to the location, to all of the thought he had clearly put into it, he really made it the most special moment for both of us. We are so in love and so excited about this new journey!! The proposal was absolutely perfect, but I have a feeling that what’s to come will be even better!!!

Special Thanks

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