Nicole and Robbie

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How We Met

Robbie and I went to the same high school and he was a freshman while I was a senior. We never actually knew each other but knew of each other because he was in the same friend group as my younger sister. According to him, he remembers the first time he ever saw me walking in the hallway in between classes. Fast forward 7 years later on a Rainy Saturday night. My sister and her friend Jordan beg me to go out with them and I give in and get out of bed, get ready and we head downtown. Greys is the typical Saturday night starting location so it’s pouring rain, we’re standing in line with bags over our heads and I’m regretting leaving my bed. We walk in the door and the first person I make eye contact with is Robbie holding two bloody Mary’s in his hand and he looks up at me and says “you want one”… it’s midnight and this guy is holding two bloody Mary’s with his sunglasses on haha.

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I politely turn down the drink offer and we make our way to the bar to get our own drinks. We go stand together at a table to talk and Robbie makes his way over mostly talking to Natalie and Jordan but every time I looked up it seemed we would lock eyes. I finally asked him what he was staring at and he responded with “you’re just beautiful, do you want to dance.” I am still sipping on my first drink and tell him there is no way I am dancing yet. My sister and Jordan decide they want to switch bars and go somewhere else so Robbie and I had been chatting and I tell him we are leaving but he should come with us. He explains he can’t leave his friends and he has just gotten a new drink but may meet up with us later. Natalie Jordan and I start walking to the bar across the street and as we are waiting at the crosswalk I see Robbie running down the street to meet up with us. As they say, the rest is history.

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how they asked

Throughout our relationship, Robbie has always talked about his adventures to The west coast and shared the stories about his time spent in San Diego and Labufadora, BC, Mexico. He spent his summers there working for his aunt who owned a kayaking business and he has always described those summers as some of the best times of his life. Off the coast of Labufadora is a little lighthouse island called Todos Santos that they would kayak to and spend their nights laughing, having some wine and sleeping in the lighthouse. He described Labufadora and the island as the most breathtaking place and explained how just being there gives an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness. I had only seen pictures, a couple videos, and a few FaceTimes back and forth times when he was visiting.

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For Christmas this past year I opened up a box only to find a rock inside, at first I was so confused and then I saw the little note underneath. The note said, “you are my rock and I want you to have this and know that someday soon I will show you the very special place I’m always talking about”. As cheesy as it may be, it was the sweetest gift and I knew what it meant for him to want to share his happy place with me. Shortly after Christmas, we decided to plan a spontaneous trip out west to stay with his aunt and uncle. Little did I know this trip wasn’t very spontaneous at all. My mom had reached out to Robbie and had let him know that if and when he was ready she had a diamond he could use if he wanted to. Robbie graciously accepted and the two of them started meeting secretly at Jewelry stores together. Robbie’s mom, being a flight attendant, helped us with our tickets there and back and all of the planning for our trip began.

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We spent the first couple days in San Diego and then come Friday morning we loaded up Jen’s (Robbie’s aunt) truck and headed south for Mexico. We decided on a pit stop in Ensenada to grab a bite to eat and do some shopping around. There wasn’t any true plan to our day but I did know Robbie was wanting to, at some point during our trip, show me the lighthouse island. They had been planning to have a boat take us out there for a couple hours but weren’t sure if it would be possible with the weather or if a boat would even be available. After spending some time in Ensenada, Jen finally found a boat willing to take us out to the island so we loaded up and started the hour-long ride out to the island. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the water ended up being smoother than we thought it would be. On the way there we noticed a giant pod of dolphins swimming just off the coast of the island and it was so awesome seeing all of them and their babies so close to us. I truly had a smile ear to ear the whole day and the whole ride out.

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We finally arrive at the island and the lighthouse keeper comes down to meet us with a little row boat and bring us from the boat to the island. We were greeted by the cutest island dog and then his aunt disappeared and said she has some things to do but I didn’t think much of it. We spent time walking around just taking in the view and everything around us. Robbie was sharing stories and explaining different parts of the island. I was in absolute awe and could finally understand everything he has always tried to explain to me. The pictures don’t do this place justice at all!!! After checking out different spots on the island we make our way to the lighthouse and Robbie asks if I want to go see the view top. We grabbed a glass of wine and start climbing the Spiral staircase.

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We make it to the top and I Could tell Robbie was acting a little strange and was nervous about something. The view was more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined and being able to see for miles in every direction was like he described, breathtaking. He then tells me to look out at the ocean and confused I do so and he proceeds to explain how he “bought me a special gift for our trip.”

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He tells me to turn around and there he was on one knee and I hear “I love you, will you marry me”, I instantly grabbed him and hugged him without realizing I didn’t answer him or even look at the ring. After hugging and crying he finally says “You never answered so I guess that’s a yes”. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and the tears just kept coming and I said: “Are you serious, Of course!” We walk around the corner and he then points down to the ground where I hadn’t even noticed the giant “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

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Banner laid out on the ground below. His aunt, Shan and family friend Victor wave from below and came up to join us shortly after. It gives me goosebumps writing this and thinking back to that moment, it was just the two of us up there with the most incredible view and the most caring, loving and amazing man just asked me to marry him in this special place that means so much to him. Todos Santos will now forever hold a piece of both of our hearts and is where a new chapter of our life began. I couldn’t have asked for a better day or a better man to spend my life with.

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I felt like I needed to be pinched because it felt like I was dreaming all of this. We spent the next couple days celebrating and just enjoying our time together in Mexico. That was, hands down, the best trip I have ever been on and definitely a place we will continue to go for years to come! I can’t thank both of our families enough for making all of this possible and for everything they did to set this up and keep the secret. I’m so grateful for every single person in my life and to be loved by you, Robbie Bugbee.

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Special Thanks

Shan Sethna
 | Photographer