Nicole and Richard

Image 1 of Nicole and Richard
We took a very chilly walk on the beach with our dog. I was freezing but it was so beautiful I told him we could walk until I’m too cold then we will turn around and walk home. We kept walking and he stops and I said that I wasn’t that cold yet so we can walk further down the beach. I kept walking and noticed he wasn’t walking with me. I turn around and there he is down on one kneww with the cutest smile and the most gorgeous ring. I was so surprised. He said those words every girl wants to hear “Will you marry me?” I screamed yes! He puts the ring on and says “oh yea your family is right over there”. I look over and all my family is hiding in the rocks with a photographer. Turns out he had been planning this for weeks on a secret Facebook group with my family. It was the most magical moment and the most perfect moment.

Image 2 of Nicole and Richard