Nicole and Ray

How We Met

Ray and I met 7.5 years ago when we were in the same Knesiology class in college. I thought of him more than just another guy in class until one day after class we asked me to a party that night. Needless to say we never met up because he got “too drunk” but after that the rest was history. We’ve made it through four years of college together, two rental homes, losses, laughter, and many adventures. Now we’re living in our first purchased home together with our furry pup and planning the rest of our lives.

How They Asked

After being with someone for 7.5 years you start to expect a proposal with EVERYTHING that you do! I was constantly making sure my nails were done and always keeping my eye out for hints. Well little did I expect the surprise proposal that Ray planned.

After being disappointed too many times, I stopped wondering when and figured it happens when it happens.

Every year since we moved in together, we would go cut down a fresh Christmas tree. While I don’t mind a fake tree, this is something my fiancé truly enjoys! It was just another Saturday and I took my time getting dressed and ready to go. Ray had his gloves to cut down the tree in the front pockets of his jacket, which I thought was very odd, but he does silly stuff like that all the time so I didn’t really think twice about it.

He was very adamant on going back to the same tree farm we went to last year, even though we usually try a new place each year – I just went with it. We finally get there and he wants to go up this big hill towards the back. We get there and the trees are up to my knees, just coming out of the ground. Confused I told him I wanted to check out another spot.

Thats the moment he turned me around and said “You know I love you, right?” And I completely lost it as he got down on one knee, opened up the box, and this stunning ring appeared. There we are, both crying tears of joy in the middle of a tree farm. Then out of nowhere a photographer he hired pops up and starts snapping the moment. I’m a photographer myself and he knows how much this would mean to me.

It doesn’t end there! We decided to head back towards the front of the farm to bring the saw back before we started taking photos and all of a sudden my entire family, parents, brothers, grandma, and best friends pop up around the corner! My entire family is from out of state and they all drove up to surprise me on this big day.

Special Thanks