Nicole and Peter

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How We Met

We had both moved into our condo complex in October of 2013, but did not meet each other until late January of 2014 when we were both outside walking our dogs after work one night. Peter approached me with his chocolate lab while I was standing outside with my 4 month of boxer puppy. The dogs immediately began playing with one another while we were deep in conversation about our lives and what brought us to this small town outside of Philadelphia. We exchanged phone numbers and I knew he was a special person. From there forward, Pete would basically live outside with his dog waiting to see me, so that we could talk and spend time tonight. One freezing cold night, I was outside with my puppy, in the most awful plaid pajama pants, leopard print rain boots, a winter jacket, and hat when Peter approaches me and asks me on a date. I of course said yes and we had planned on drinks later in the week. Once we started talking more frequently, he changed our drink plans to dinner on Friday night. A car service picked us up and we went out to dinner and it didn’t take more than that one night for us both to recognize that what we had was special and we would marry each other one day.

how they asked

Pete had secretly arranged for my girlfriends to take me to lunch and for mani’s / pedi’s on a Saturday afternoon followed by an afternoon of shopping and ice cream. My girlfriends were in on his secret, but didn’t dare say a word and I had absolutely no idea what Pete was up to while I was away. When I came home, promptly at 3pm, I walked into 28 long stem roses, one for each month we had been dating and the most romantic hand-written note expressing how much he loved me. I turned to my right and begin walking into our bedroom where I found a white Lilly Pulitzer dress hanging on the door frame with a note that wrote “Babe, I bought you a dress that I would love to see you in. A car service will pick you up at 3:30pm.” I was ready in about five minutes and received a call from a limousine driver and he said that he was waiting for me downstairs. I went downstairs and saw a black limo waiting for me in our parking lot. He drove me to the Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, PA where Peter was waiting for me. I walked through the garden to meet Peter and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I SAID YES! There was a beautiful bench right behind us, where we sat for a few minutes to talk about everything he had planned for me leading up to this point and how he makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. We were walking through the gorgeous grounds and walked up on a patio behind the house on the property and I was surprised by my family, Pete’s family, and our closest friends. We were welcomed with tears, hugs, kisses, and of course champagne. Lots of champagne.
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Our story doesn’t end there… Pete planned MORE! Once we celebrated with our family and friends, everyone got in the limo and we headed back to our home town to our favorite upscale bar. When I walked into the upstairs bar there were even MORE of our friends waiting for us there with gifts, balloons, and diamond shaped sugar cookies. Needless to say we had such an amazing time celebrating with our closest friends and family that day. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing FIANCE, family, and friends. <3