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In June, Paul & I signed to build our dream home on this piece of property. Around two weeks ago, our friend Kim started bugging us to take pictures on our “land.” To be honest, I wasn’t all about it. My Mom & brother Michael took pictures for us prior & I didn’t know how to post a fun picture of us on the land, announcing we made the next big move in our lives. On Wednesday, Danny came in from Texas for Matthew’s football game on Friday night. This had been planned for months, so we decided to have a party prior to the game celebrating Danny being in town (or so I was told). Last week Paul said he would only take pictures on Friday (because he had off work) if we went to brunch. I agreed & pictures following brunch were planned. We sat at brunch without a thought crossing my mind -that day was about to change my life.

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As we finished up, Kim and Steve pulled out of the parking lot. I turned to Paul & said “They should’ve waited, I hope they know where to pull in.” Again, still clueless. As we turned into the lot, I turned my head to look for their car. At that point I saw both of our entire families standing together.

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To be honest, it took a couple of seconds. Paul got out of the car & at that point I realized what was happening. Paul walked me to where the front door of our house will sit & asked me to marry him. Well, I think he did- I completely blacked out from the time I stepped out of his car.

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After we took pictures & celebrated on our property, we went back to my parent’s decorated house for an engagement party with our families (they’re so damn incredible). We left our engagement party around 6 to go to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding we had the next day. Around 9 we headed back to my house & at that point I was surprised yet again with all of our incredible friends waiting to help us celebrate. Every detail & thought that went into this day was beyond perfect. Both families put so much love and effort into making Friday the most special day. I cannot thank all those involved enough & the love we got was indescribable. I love you Paul Dunn, I’m one lucky lady. Here’s to 9/1/17 and all the planning to come ???

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