Nicole and Nicholas

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How We Met

Nick and I met in the 6th grade at Western Hills Middle School. We were in the same art class and I had a huge crush on him! I would do anything to get his attention – and he wouldn’t even give me the time of day! We became friends as middle school went on and as we had more classes together. As years went on, we went to different high schools, hung out with different people, and barely associated with each other. It wasn’t until Junior year Nick messaged me on Facebook… (creepy huh??LOL) asking me how I was doing, how school was, and if I wanted to hang out with him. Being the stubborn person that I am, I ignored him for days. I would see him start typing to me- and log off of Facebook immediately ( so corny, I know). Until I finally listened to my mom who said, “just give him a chance, you have nothing to lose.” So, on March 26, 2012 Nick picked me up in his white Nissan Murano- and we had our first date at Uncle Tony’s. I honestly didn’t think I would have had such a great time. He was smart, honest, and made me laugh till’ my cheeks hurt!( I remember that day like yesterday, the clothes we wore, the exact songs we listened to in the car) I knew he was going to be the one. Nick didn’t waste any time asking me to be his girlfriend, only a couple of days after our date, it was official- March 30, 2012! And the rest was history…

how they asked

The night before my special surprise Nick had for me, he told me I had to make sure I was dressed nice and to be on time the next morning! For anyone who knows me, knows I have to know every little detail about what is going on. I bombarded him with a thousand questions but he wasn’t giving in ! So, the next morning July 23,2016 I woke up & got ready.. and guess what? He was the one running late.. by TWO HOURS. When Nick finally picked me up we ended up at his house where he told me to go right into the house. As soon as I stepped a foot in the door- he took my bags, my cell phone, and he blind folded me. All I could say to him was ,”You better not be throwing me in that pool, I just did my hair!” He started laughing at me, so I really thought that’s where I was headed. Nick carried me outside as I yelled at him the whole way. He put me down on the grass and told me to take the blind fold off. I remember that my eyes were burning because it was so sunny outside! I looked down, Nick was on one knee, there was a painting on the grass that said “Will You Marry Me?” I was so shocked that I asked him if he was serious!! He laughed and said of course he was serious- then he asked me the famous question that we all wait and dream of. I obviously said yes! I was too shocked to cry- but I did feel like my heart stopped for a few seconds! My ring was in a blue Tacori box- it fit perfect! The rest of the day we hung out by the pool, went to dinner with friends, and celebrated for the next two weeks surrounded by friends & family.

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