Nicole and Nam

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How We Met

Nam and I met through my best friend’s then boyfriend. He played basketball with him and started to come out with us to grab drinks here and there. At the time I was seeing someone so we were nothing more than platonic friends. As time passed our friends hung out more and we became close friends. Obviously things ended with my previous relationship so I had more time to hang out. As time went by, our group settings turned into hanging out alone. We really never thought anything of our friendship since we had been friends for a few years already. But eventually that day came when we exchanged feelings over a few cocktails, and luckily for us both, the feelings were mutual.

how they asked

We live in Orange County, my brother, brother’s wife and son live in San Francisco, as well as many of my friends and other relatives. The holiday planning was in the making and my brother and his family were not planning on coming down for the holidays. My brother threw out a “random” weekend and asked if I was free to come up and spend some time with him and his family. My nephew Ben is only one year and I am overly obsessed with him so I could not miss an opportunity to spend quality time together.

The day nears to fly up to San Francisco, and a couple of my girlfriends, who also work with my brother, ask if we could do brunch when I land. Since I knew it was family time, I insisted approval from my brother. He agreed and the girls went on to planning the brunch spot. We ate at this very cute place, Coqueta, right by the pier. My friend Christy brought along her camera and said she needed to take some pictures for her blog that she hasn’t been actively posting on lately, so I didn’t think anything of her camera. My brother as well brought his camera, but he has been into photography lately so I didn’t think anything of that either.

After brunch, we walk along the pier, pass by farmers market, and take a couple pictures along the way. We reach the “arrow” and joke around about being featured in Christy’s blog. I take two pictures in front of the arrow; one pretending I was being featured in a blog and the second; I was just being a goofball pretending I was cupid shooting an arrow. After the second picture my friends yell at me saying “Nic this picture is SOOO good, come here.” I walk towards them not knowing a thing, and when my brother shows me the picture of me shooting an arrow, I see a sign in the background that says “Nicole, marry me” with Nam holding the sign.

My first reaction (caught on tape) was “Shut the ***** up” and I trotted towards Nam. I was completely surprised, especially because he told me he was going to Vegas with his friends that weekend. At this point I had no words and was in complete shock and all my memory from the actual proposal goes out the door. Luckily for the video, Nam goes down on one knee and I remember me saying “I will” not “yes.”

After everyone around us was cheering and celebrating, Nam’s sister and husband pop out of a corner, as well as my friend’s husband. Everyone wanted to continue the celebration at a bar/lounge so we started walking a few blocks. As we’re walking through the restaurant patio, I see a bunch of heads through the window and I hear “Surprise!” It was all of my friends and family, even ones from Orange County.

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