Nicole and Mike

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How We Met

Mike was a skydiver in New York who came to Idaho to get his tandem instructor license in 2016. I was a part of the skydiving family in Idaho. When he came to Idaho he would stay at the “drop zone house” where I spent a lot of time. The first time we met was at that house because I was staying there for the night before flying out to Mexico the next day. We became instant friends. He spent the summer in Idaho before taking a job in Mexico, then headed to Key West to work. I traveled to Key West twice to visit and jump. Then he returned to Idaho to jump and had an unfortunate accident that broke his back and neck.

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We all united together to take the best care of him possible. He decided to return home to Portugal to continue his healing process, where he did miraculously. He started jumping again in Portugal and Spain before deciding to return back to Idaho in November of 2019. I was there to greet him when he landed (still platonic friends at this time). The day after he arrived in the states we decided to take a road trip to some hot springs, where my car broke down and we were stranded In a hotel for 3 days. We fell in love during that time. He had accepted a job in Costa Rica shortly after that, so I traveled to Costa Rica to spend time solidifying our friendship-turned-lovers. Mike returned to my home in Mccall in Feb of 2020, right before the lockdown and the rest is history. We fell madly in love and have created a beautiful life together.

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How They Asked

Our photographer friend Amy asked us if we’d be down for a snowy couples photoshoot in fancy clothes. Yes, we were!! The weather forecast was for heavy snow, so we decided snowshoes would give us more opportunities to tromp around. Little did I know, but Mike had texted Amy privately asking if it would be ok if he proposed at the end of the shoot. The day before, Mike took a day trip up White Bird to visit my family and borrow a few things, plus bring down my grandmother’s fur for the shoot. While there, he let them know he intended to propose the next day. Amy had ordered the perfect dress for the shoot. As the time got closer, it was starting to be questionable whether it would arrive in time.

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While I was getting my hair and makeup done, she was heading to the post office on the hour, and sadly, it remained in transit. With minutes to spare, she ran to the thrift shop in town and got a couple of possibilities, then raced home and grabbed anything possible from her closet. She handed Mike an armload for me to try on when I got home. The stretchy black dress from her closet fit beautifully. We happily headed down the road where the snowplows stop plowing and parked in the last turnout in Payette National Forest.

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We savored the calm a bit with a little tailgate party before strapping on our snowshoes (with me carrying an umbrella for my hair and makeup!) and headed out into the thickly falling snow. A whole lot of fun and a bunch of laughs later, Mike finished up our session on one knee like a pro and the snow delivered perfectly; I was completely surprised!! The sentiment wasn’t lost on any of us how completely touching it was that I ended up wearing my grandmother’s fur coat while donning my sparkling new engagement ring – a gorgeous large Australian boulder opal surrounded by diamonds! Our favorite shot is the two of us gleefully smiling, me bending forward and Mike grinning with a snowy knee after the fact!

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Special Thanks

Amy Isacson
 | Photographer
TopSide Boutique + Salon
 | Hair and Makeup