Nicole and Michael

Image 1 of Nicole and MichaelHow we met: Mike and I met senior year of college in an extremely boring Immigration class. We sat across from each other and never spoke a word until the last day of class. He needed to borrow my book for the final paper and had a mutual friend arrange for us to meet. I was so shy and couldn’t believe he was actually standing at my front door! A few months later, my friend dragged me out to her boyfriend’s birthday at a local bar. She disappeared with her boyfriend and left me alone with Mike. We ended up having a drink and the rest is history!

how they asked: After living together in Hoboken for 2.5 years we decided to sell our condo and build a house. We have a 3 year old Great Dane named Pearl who needed a backyard!

In December, we moved back in with my parents until our house is complete. Right now the house is about 2 months away from completion, so the fun stuff is happening. The walls are going up and everything is starting to look like a house! Saturday morning he told me he really needed to go to the house to “check” on something that the builder did on Friday. I said ok and jumped in the car with him, clearly not prepared for anything. I had leggings covered in dog hair, no makeup and Ugg boots on, not proposal ready!!

We walked around for a little bit, examining each room of the house making sure everything looked right. Then when we got to the master bedroom, he started talking about filling all of the bedrooms (all 5 of them!) with beautiful children and creating memories together in our house. He continued to tell me how our lives are going to change forever and how everything is perfect, except one thing is missing. I saw him reach for his pocket and get down on one knee.

I immediately started to shake and couldn’t believe this was actually happening! He then asked me to marry him and I screamed and said YES! I couldn’t have asked for a more intimate, romantic and unexpected proposal. He truly is the man of my dreams and I cannot wait to start our lives together!

Image 2 of Nicole and Michael

Image 3 of Nicole and Michael