Nicole and Michael

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How We Met

Michael is a lifeguard on the beach along with a bunch of my friends. As a typical day in the summer, I go to the beach where my friends are working. So as I’m at the beach, I spot the most handsome lifeguard. I immediately ask my friends who that is and instantly want to talk to him. With me being so shy, of course I didn’t say a word. To my surprise, he wanted to talk to me as well and came off the lifeguard chair to get into our conversation with my friends. Of course I get nervous and only say a few things but I later found out he was into me just as much as I was into him. Eventually we hung out and it has been perfect ever since!

how they asked

Every Thursday night a bunch of people in our town goes down to the beach to play beach volleyball. As our usual routine, we get down to the beach and Michael plays while I sit on the beach with some friends. The games typically go on until sunset. As it was starting to reach that point, Michael asked me to come with him to the water so he can jump in and I can dip my toes in. When we start our walk to the water he says “you know this is the beach we met on right”? I didn’t even realize what beach we were actually on but shortly realized he was correct. Michael started talking all sweet and telling me how much he loved me until next thing I know it, he is on one knee asking me to marry him.

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As soon as he gets down, over 400 beach volleyball goers starts cheering and clapping as well as everyone that was walking on the boardwalk. It was as if we just put on a show for everyone.

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As I’m on cloud nine we run back to where we were sitting and he tells me that everyone is here. I respond with “yea they are here every Thursday”. Then he makes me look up at the boardwalk. He had my whole family, his family and friends come with signs, champagne, and all types of great things. Then as I look a little closer, I see my very best friend from Florida is there as well. I lost it. I was in such shock the amount of people he got involved and the fact that he was able to fly my best friend up from Florida. After all this excitement I think that’s the end of surprises. He then tells me there’s a huge party back at the house for us. I also later learned he had a photographer taking all of our photos to capture our special moment on camera. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Getting everyone involved and making this all an amazing fairytale makes me the most grateful girl in the world. I couldn’t be happier!

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