Nicole and Michael

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How We Met

I was doing some online dating and I came across Mike’s profile on OK Cupid. His was original, and he obviously had a sense of humor as one of his profile pics showcased him in a turkey costume. His profile was well written and made me laugh, so I took a chance and sent him a note. He made plans with me for the following weekend.

We met for early drinks on a Friday, but halfway through the date he asked me to hang out again the following week. I appreciated that he didn’t play games or wait to text me.

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Over the next 2 weeks we went out on 8 dates, each time we met he would make plans for the next date. He was a gentleman, and the more time I spent with him, the more time I wanted to spend with him. He made me dinner, we spent hours walking around central park, riding bikes, going to museums and talking to each other at length. We met mid-November 2014, and by Christmas I was introduced to his parents who were in town visiting. Mike made it clear that he wasn’t playing games, knew what he wanted in life and our relationship blossomed. He made a great impression on my friends, we started hosting taco/game night parties at his place and our friends started to meet. Ultimately we moved in together, along with my two cats, who love him, maybe more than me at this point. We went on multiple road trips, down to Virginia where he’s from, I met his childhood friends and extended family as well.

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how they asked

Mike is known for messing with my cell phone. He has changed phrases on my phone in the past – silly things like having the text replacement function adjust the word ‘beach’ to ‘sandy park.’ Or changing it from saying Mike to ‘the most handsome man in the world.’ In this particular situation, he woke up before me and changed the auto correct on my phone so that when I typed in Mike, it would auto correct to “Will you marry me”. I didn’t notice it right away because we were driving from Atlanta to the Outer Banks all day long. We stopped in a fireworks store in the afternoon and I was about to make some snarky comment on Facebook, making fun of him for buying fireworks, when I discovered the proposal.

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Only problem was that I didn’t realize this was his actual proposal. We were on the way to a beach vacation, and I knew we were going to get engaged that week (we already had ordered the ring), but I thought that he would propose on the beach. So, when I found this on my phone I never said yes, since I thought it was a joke before the actual proposal. The poor guy had to wait 2 more days til I brought it up in the car on the way to a kite shop, basically I asked, so was that the proposal? And he said yes it was, and you never said yes…I felt terrible, but I finally accepted and realized what a great and original proposal I got from my amazing, soon to be husband.

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