Nicole and Michael

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How We Met

I remember the first time I saw Michael I thought he was the cutest guy in the world. I just knew I wanted to be with him one day. We met in high school. We had a few classes together over the years but health class was the most memorable. We would pass notes and crawl on the floor to each other’s desks while the teacher had a movie on and wasn’t paying attention. The girl that sat in between us must have thought we were nuts.

I used to think of reasons to “BBM” him when blackberry phones were in just so I could talk to him asking him about our homework or something. We graduated high school and spoke all summer. I remember I was at a party but all I wanted to do was see him. I called him and asked if he could pick me up and he didn’t have even hesitate. When we pulled up in front of my house we had our first kiss. To this day we always talk about how magical of a moment it was. I stayed home for college and he went to a school 45 minutes away. We still spoke all the time while he was at school. He came home in February for a break and asked me to be his girlfriend. We’ve been dating for almost 7 years and now we’re engaged! I’ve been completely head over heels with this guy since.

How They Asked

Michael and I have been talking recently about going to a steak house since we both haven’t been to one. I was sick with COVID a few weeks ago so Michael said as soon as I’m better he’s taking me out on a nice date. He had made reservations for Friday 12/4. I was ready to go! He called me Thursday night and said he had to cancel dinner because he had to work late. He said he made the reservations for Sunday instead. So he wouldn’t tell me where we were going, but then I guessed and asked if we were going to a steak house and he said yes how did you know! I didn’t suspect anything since we were talking about going to one a few weeks before. He picked me up at 6:15 on Sunday and right before he came I was looking at all the different steak houses on Long Island trying to guess which one we were going to!

When he started driving I saw that we were getting closer and closer towards queens and the city. So I asked where he was going and he told me we’re going to a steakhouse in NYC that is right by the tree. Christmas is our favorite time of year. We usually go to NYC every year to see the tree so again, I didn’t suspect anything! While we’re at dinner at this beautiful restaurant I noticed Michael had his phone on the table and he was texting every so often and if anyone knows Michael he NEVER has his phone out at dinner or while he’s with me. So I asked who he’s texting.

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He told me it was his nonna ( and trust me everything he said was very believable) so we had a great time and we’re finishing up. I asked him if he had the tickets to see the Christmas tree ( with covid you now need tickets to see it). He told me he had purchased tickets but didn’t know if they were the right ones So he was going to call the “ticket place” to check. I used the restroom before we ate dessert and as I was walking down the stairs back to our table Michael wasn’t there. He had sent me a text saying he was on the phone with the ” ticket place.” So I sat down and started eating the dessert by myself!

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He came back to the table and said ” so I lied about the tree, we’re really going ice skating.” He put the ice skating tickets in front of me and I was so beyond excited because I’ve always wanted to do that. ( I later found out that he wasn’t on the phone with any “ticket place” and that my best friend had handed him the ice skating tickets in front of the restaurant, she had picked them up for him on Friday, and he never really worked late on Friday he had to cancel our reservation because it was raining in the city so there was no ice skating. Can you believe that!) So we walked to the ice skating rink in Rockefeller center, got our skates, and started skating. I left him a few times because let’s face it, I’m pretty good at skating he’s not so great haha. We circled around a few times and then I noticed we kind of stopped.

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He said ” so Nicole you know how we were recently speaking about asking your dad for permission to marry you, Well I asked him 3 months ago” and He got down on one knee and At that moment it felt like a dream. My best friend in the entire world was asking me to marry him. The entire ice rink stopped and cheered us on and we just felt so much love that night. After that, I heard someone screaming my name. I turn around and it’s my 4 best friends standing on the top watching. I couldn’t believe it and just couldn’t get over all this love I have for this man. We left the rink and watched the light show near sax. It truly felt magical. I could not have asked for a better day. And the fact that my best friends got to be apart of it made it that much more special. I can’t wait to marry him.

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