Nicole and Max

How We Met

We met playing recreational hockey, Nicole played in a primarily boys league. This was our last year of minor league, both had just started twelvth grade. We had chatted on and off on the bench for a while. New Years Day, the typically blonde Nicole showed up with a head of brown hair and Max thought they had traded girls on the team! After laughing that off, we started chatting even more. We had both unknowingly been searching for the other on Facebook. After finally finding one another, it was many evenings of late night Facebook chat before scheduling our first “skating hangout” at a local out door rink. January 21, 2011. We went to prom together that same year. We were 18.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in King Mountain Trail, Gatineau Park

how they asked

We both knew it was coming, just weren’t sure exactly when. He had intended it do it earlier but got cold feet. One day, Max just woke up, decided it was the day and came to pick me up in his white ’87 BMW 325i convertible. We got a Booster Juice smoothie and took a drive where we went to King Mountain trail. After a small hike, overlooking our hometown city of Ottawa, Max got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in King Mountain Trail, Gatineau Park

We are wedding photographers ourselves, which made some parts of the wedding planning process super easy, and others super hard. While we knew right away with some vendors, others were difficult to choose between because we have worked with so many amazing people. What we knew for sure was that we wanted to keep it small. In the end, we are so proud of the team that we gathered and we are so excited for our intimate 45-person wedding this September!

Special Thanks

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