Nicole and Max

Nicole's Proposal in Pikes Peak Summit, CO

How We Met

Max and I met in middle school. We met at our family pool near the diving board where some of our friends would go over the summer to hang out. I was immediately drawn to Max by his ability to make others laugh and his own cute smile. Since I was a grade older, and my sister was in the same grade as Max it was easy to get his number. Within a week I had texted him saying, “Hey loser” which is how all awkward teenagers try to start a relationship I’m pretty sure. We were friends and hung out all throughout high school. We had some classes together, chemistry being one of them where I copied off of him the entire time. Max and I certainly got an A in chemistry. My senior year Max and I began to reach out to each other more and more. He asked me out a few times but I turned him down for reasons I am not even sure about. Max asked me to the prom my senior year and we danced all night long. Later that year, after I had gone off to college I realized that I couldn’t live without him and his skill, ability to make me laugh. We attended colleges about forty-five minutes from each other and spent every weekend we could together. As I look back on these past six years of officially dating I think about all the things we have learned together, all of the times we cried together, and of course all the times we spent laughing. He is my best friend and I am lucky to have him by my side forever.

how they asked

Max and I love to go hiking. We make a summer to-do list and it usually includes hiking a few new fourteeners. However, we have agreed to hike Pikes Peak every summer until we are too old. Max and I set out on our Pikes Peak adventure bright and early in the morning, or should I say dark and early. For the first hour, it was so dark I couldn’t see farther than my own hand out in front of me. We spent eight hours climbing to the tip-top. Max’s dad was picking us up at the top like he has done in past years.

Max’s dad requested to take a picture of us at the top near the edge, you know dads! So we went to the edge took our picture and suddenly Max turned to me and started telling me how much he loved me, my adrenaline was rushing as he started to get down on one knee, which Max later told me was very uneven.

Nicole and Max's Engagement in Pikes Peak Summit, CO

He asked me to marry him and I have never been more certain in my life when answering back yes. Seconds later, I was startled by some hooting and hollering, only to look up and see my entire family and Max’s entire family crying and yelling for us. We all shared a champagne toast at the summit to celebrate.

Special Thanks

Alex Fahl
 | Photographer