Nicole and Maurizio

Image 3 of Nicole and Maurizio

How We Met

Working in the wine industry is how Maurizio and I met. To say it was love, at first sight, would be a lie (insert laughing emoji here). Our love for the grape is what brought us together but as time went on, our love for each other bloomed.

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How They Asked

With Covid on the rise, that didn’t stop Maurizio from planning the most amazing proposal.

We had planned on going to wine country for the day and I was thrilled! The morning of, Maurizio wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to go. I kept feeding him all kinds of medication with to no avail. The following weekend we went and he had planned the most perfect day, from winery hoping to a horse and carriage ride. To finish it off, he took me to a butterfly conservation/outdoor garden. As we turned onto this path, he started to say that if there’s one thing he’s learned this year it’s that nothing is ever certain, but his love for me is and always will be. He got on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?”

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I was stunned and finally said yes!!!

Then I heard, “I got it.” Out popped the photographer hiding behind the bushes, which was much to my surprise but made the moment extremely memorable!

The funniest thing is, the plans had gone south and to make me happy he wanted to push it to the following weekend. He lied about being sick and to keep the moment magical, he did what he had to. I felt awful feeding him medication with him not being sick but it paid off right?!

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