Nicole and Matthew

How We Met: We actually met through a friend , as I was going through a hard time in life we were both introduced to each other and from the day we have been together every day, my life changed for the better back in September 2012 I wouldn’t change any of it for a minute ! When he walked into my life it was the greatest feeling in the world having someone who loves you for everything you are! I’m a true believer in love at first sight especially after meeting Matthew!

how they asked: We have been together two years at this point it was my 25th Birthday on October 13,2014. I was so convinced he didn’t have me anything for my birthday because we were just after purchasing our first house together which I was ok with , it was also thanksgiving on this day which I was planning on cooking my first turkey mean less to say I didn’t end up cooking that turkey my in-laws did(hehe), as I thought we were just going for a walk through Bowring park like we usually do so I didn’t think nothing of it at all,. We were walking through the park and went to “our tree” which we carved our initials into the first day that he asked me out back in September 5 2012, he asked me to go see if I could see something when I turned around he then asked me to look when I did he had a Christmas ornament hanging on our tree with his famous words ” one of these days is today will you marry me” he has been saying “one of these days” since we been together for everything but this time it meant something incredible , at that point I didn’t know what to say I could breathe I was crying that much I was so happy that he asked I can’t imagine my life with anyone else and when I seen the ring it was something else .. Everything at that point was a dream come true !

Image 1 of Nicole and Matthew