Nicole and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I met unofficially over 10 years ago on MySpace. We had several mutual friends and when I came across his profile I thought he was very attractive, so I decided to add him. Lucky for me, Matthew accepted my friend request and messaged me instantly. Throughout high school we always talked but never met in person as we just developed a solid friendship. We always confided in one another and always knew the other person would be there. Even though we were “friends”, we both were crushing on each other for a long time and we both knew it by how much we flirted back and fourth. Fast forward to summer 2010…Matthew messaged me and said he was home from school for the summer and wanted to take me on a date. I instantly became excited and told him I would love to. He took me to Niagara Falls for our first date. We walked by the falls at night (which is absolutely beautiful by the way) hand in hand. It was on our first date that Matthew and I shared our first kiss. That kiss will forever go down as one of my favourite memories. I had the biggest butterflies and smile on my face. Since that night, we have been inseparable for the last 7 years. I knew from the second that he held my hand and from our first kiss that I was going to marry this man one day.

how they asked

Last Saturday (July 1, 2017) was Canada’s 150th Birthday. Each Canada Day for the past three years, Matthew and I had made it a tradition to go to a winery in Niagara-on-the-lake, (Ontario’s wine country) to celebrate. When Matthew had suggested that we go to a winery for Canada day this year for lunch and some wine tasting, there was no hesitation on my part as this is what I was used to. He had suggested one of my favourite wineries and told me he would make reservations. I had no idea what was about to transpire…. Let me preface this by saying I own an event company and plan weddings for a living and I always thought that when Matthew was going to propose that I would have some sort of idea….well I was wrong. When we arrived, we walked up to the entrance of the winery and Matthew insisted I walk in front of him. As soon as we got to the grand archway he had called my name and said “Nicole”. As soon as I turned around, Matthew was down on one knee, ring-box in hand. He had told me that he loved me from the first day that we met and always knew that he was going to marry me and could not picture his life without me. I was so shocked and excited I had screamed out “Yes” right away and got down on my knees to kiss him. What I didn’t know was that Matthew had hired a photographer to capture the whole thing on camera. The photographer that he had hired was one of my dear friends who I work with in the wedding industry. After I said yes and he slid the ring onto my finger, we were greeted by one of the winery staff (Trudy) who had come out with two glasses of sparkling rose (which is my absolute favourite by the way) after we toasted to our future we walked down the hill into the vineyards and took several photos. The afternoon continued with lunch on the terrace over looking the vineyards. Every detail was accounted for and I was so impressed with how well thought out everything was planned. I could not have imagined a more special way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and could not picture a better person to spend the rest of my life with!

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Special Thanks

Anthony Saleh
 | Photographer
Angels Gate Winery
 | Planning