Nicole and Matt

Image 1 of Nicole and MattHow We Met: Matt and I met about 8 years ago through my cousin and his best friend at the time. They were dating and eventually married and we would see each other when everyone got together. I was going through a tough time in my life and Matt had messaged me and just wanted to talk as a friend. Our first time we went out with just us, was actually to a wedding! That is when everything started to blossom and I saw him in another light. We finally went out on a real date about 2 weeks later and the rest is history. We have been each other’s best friends, biggest critics and best supporters.

how they asked:: The 4th of July in Milltown is the biggest day of the year. There is a huge parade and the entire town shuts down. The parade runs right past our house so we always had the best seats for the day. Matt is a firefighter for the next town over and this was his 2nd year in the parade with the fire department. Matt left about 9AM to go to the firehouse to meet up and drive the trucks over for the parade. This year it seemed like everyone was coming to our house for the parade, my family, cousins, Matt’s parents, his cousins and a ton of our friends. I thought nothing of it because Matt always said he would never propose on a holiday. I guess he was wrong! Anyway, the parade was going on and on and it came to the fire department section. Matt’s fire department started going by and the truck stopped in the middle of the street right in front of our house. All of a sudden, Bruno Mars, Marry You started playing, and here comes my little sister and her dance studio dancing in front of the fire truck. I immediately knew what was happening because everyone that came was staring at me and me only, although there was no sign of Matt. About half way through the song, the fire truck pulled away and Matt was standing there with his entire department, best friend/deputy chief/now best man included. My little sister then came over to me and pulled me out to the middle of the street where Matt got down on one knee and proposed! I couldn’t even say anything so I just nodded YES! and then finally was able to choke out a yes. After, we rode the fire truck the rest of the way through the parade, being congratulated by our entire town and eventually being able to celebrate with all of our friends at a 4th of July party. I still look back at the video and cry!

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