Nicole and Mathew

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How We Met

On March 17, 2016, St. Patrick’s Day, Nicole’s girlfriend convinced her to go out for a couple glasses of wine. Across that same bar, through all of the green painted faces and pints of beer was Matt. His eyes were glued to the TV watching the opening round of the NCAA basketball tournament. Eventually that night, their paths crossed and after an hour or so of talking they decided to go across the street to a quieter place to talk over one last drink. The next week consisted of constant texting, talking and three dinner dates. The first one being at Cask Republic in New Haven.

Before they both knew they were enjoying a trip to Washington DC together. Soon after they were road tripping from Asheville to Knoxville. Driving through the Smoky Mountains with a scenic train ride in Bryson City. They visited 40+ wineries and breweries over the summer, spent weekends in both Mystic and Boston, saw a Mets game, and visited the casino of handful of times. They together hosted a Pumpkin beer tasting party and even enjoyed a couple overnight trips to NYC. In August Matt moved in with Nicole and it was then they realized they wanted to be together forever….

how they asked

On March 19th 2017, after a weekend of celebrating one year of being together, Matt planned a Sunday “day trip” to Vermont for the two of them. They woke up early to get on the road and stopped at their first destination, a 50’s themed diner in Massachusetts for breakfast. After their meal, they continued on their journey to Honora Winery in Jacksonville, VT. As they approached the winery, Nicole sensed Matt was unusually quiet but still suspected nothing despite the fact that some of her friends thought a proposal could be happening that weekend. (Her lack of suspicion was in large part due to her sister Lisa continuously dropping hints that it could still be a little ways away even as recent as three days prior to the proposal. The reality was Lisa had spent the past month helping Matt plan this weekend and even went into New York to assist Matt in the designing of the ring)

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Once they arrived at the winery, Matt secretly picked up the ring from the inside pouch of the driver side door and wandered over to an beautiful area with a running stream and small gazebo. He called Nicole over to take a look at the scenery and after staring at her for a moment with a smile he told her the most beautiful words, dropped down to one knee, and asked her (by her full name) to spend the rest of her life with him. Through hugs, kisses and tears Nicole noticed a man in the distance walking closer to them. He ended up being a photographer hired by Matt who captured the special moment. He then spent time with them taking additional pictures inside and out of the winery between calls to family and loved ones.

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The day trip turned into a surprise night spent in Burlington, Vermont. On Monday as they neared home there was one more surprise Matt had planned for Nicole. He suggested stopping for a quick drink at Cask Republic since that was the location of their first date exactly one year prior. When Nicole opened the doors, the first thing she saw inside were both her and Matt’s families. They had wine glasses held high, as they were clapping and cheering for the newly engaged couple.

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Needless to say the proposal weekend Matt planned was filled with endless surprises, love and happiness. Its clear to everyone Matt stole her heart and in return she will be stealing his last name on May 5, 2018.

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