Nicole and Marc

Image 1 of Nicole and Marc

How we met

Marc and I met on a blind date, seriously. A woman I know is friends with a woman he knows. They both attended an event in my office and a few weeks later, my friend mentioned she had someone she wanted me to meet. All that was promised was that he was nice. Through a series of emails, we finally made plans for drinks with one of our “matchmakers” and her husband. All I knew about him was his name and that he had a dog. It wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, I was just so happy that it wasn’t horrible. Marc was equally indifferent. But for some reason, we made plans to see each other two days later, this time just the two of us. During this date, a random girl asked us how long we had been together. We explained to her that technically it was first date. She said it seemed like we had been together forever. About three months later, at a friend’s party, I knew for sure that Marc was the person for me. A friend took a photo of us that night (attached).

Image 2 of Nicole and Marc

how they asked

On December 12, 2015, we had plans to host a party for the Fort Lauderdale boat parade. Marc told me previously we were flying to have breakfast with a friend and that we’d be back in time for me to finish all the last minute preparations. With Marc being a pilot, this didn’t seem out of the ordinary and truthfully, I was preoccupied with prepping appetizers and decorating.

Image 3 of Nicole and Marc

We went to the airport in the morning and boarded the plane. Up we went. About fifteen minutes into the flight he told me something was wrong with the plane. I wasn’t worried. I trust him completely. He had me run through a checklist which ended with him asking me to marry him – exactly 51 weeks from that first date. There was no breakfast, just an elaborate plan for a special proposal.

Image 4 of Nicole and Marc

I said yes! We came home and celebrated at breakfast. But we still had a party that evening, and no one knew we were engaged. We stuck a note on the door that read “Just come in. P.S. We’re engaged!” Our party became an impromptu engagement party. After it was all said and done, we loved the video of the proposal so much, we decided to use it for the save the date (which Marc edited completely by himself!). And the two women who introduced us? They are officiating the ceremony in February!

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