Nicole and Luke

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How we met: I met Luke in Northern California in an internship program. He was my neighbor and we became best friends. Everyone made fun of us and was convinced we liked each other but we truly didn’t! We just got to know each other and all of our roommates would hang out after school together throwing the football or going to Dairy Queen. Then one night everything changed! We couldn’t explain how or why but we both started thinking about the future and the more we talked the more we realized we couldn’t stay away from each other. Luke went to his brothers wedding in Georgia and we did not stop talking the entire time. I think it was then that we realized it was more than friends.

I brought a group of people to L.A. with me (where I am from) for Thanksgiving and while we were there Luke, without me knowing, talked to my dad about pursuing me. On January 5th he asked me to be his girlfriend and it was completely a whirlwind from there. We fell in love so quickly and I decided to move to Georgia to be with him in the fall. I got a job right away at a family owned jewelry store and I LOVE working there. He is in school studying for a communication and journalism degree.

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how they asked: On January 2nd Luke’s Sister, Mary Grace, told me that she wanted to do my nails and makeup for my birthday and go out in a field to do a photoshoot on me. I love all of those things so I quickly agreed. We planned to do it the next day on my actual birthday.

It was my 21st birthday so my boyfriend (now fiance, WHEEE) had all kinds of surprises planned. He took me to Whole Foods to buy me my first bottle of wine and we had breakfast there. We went a gluten free cupcake bakery and got 3 different flavors of cupcakes that my mom had ordered for me and video chatted her and my sister. Then he dropped me off to get my nails done. It was absolute heaven of course! He picked me up and Mary Grace did my makeup. It was such a seamless and perfect day but I didn’t think anything of it because it was my birthday! So I was just thinking that they were all being sweet for that reason! After my makeup and hair was done, we went to the field and Mary Grace was SO excited about taking my pictures. (it was kind of weird I have to admit!) I kept thinking to myself, “Why is she SO excited about taking my pictures!”

There was a plastic bag full of trash and she told me to stand there for most of the shoot. Come to find out later that Luke had gone there earlier and put the trash there on purpose so that she knew where to have me stand! Ha! Finally after a few photos the camera battery light started flashing. She started freaking out and saying that she had to text a friend on her phone really quick. She was texting Luke to hurry up before the battery died! We were being silly and I was running through the field when I heard a rustle through the bushes on the right of me. It freaked me out because I didn’t know if we were supposed to be in the field. I said, “I think I heard something!” and Mary Grace responded, “Its ok come stand by the trash again and turn around I want to take pictures of your hair” I was like, “My hair?! Why!” then she said, “Every artist has their own style, dont question me!”

She literally took pictures of the back of my head for what felt like hours when all of a sudden I heard loud footsteps behind me. I turned around really quickly because I thought it was someone telling us to get the heck out of the field. That is when I saw him. The love of my life. His mom was behind with a video camera. And I immediately knew this was the moment I have waited for.

I burst into tears and kept saying, “WHAT WHAT WHAT OMG OMG OMG”

He said the sweetest words in the world to me followed by getting down on one knee and said, “Nicole Kyra Muradyan, will you marry me?”

I said OF COURSE YES!!!!!

It was absolutely the best moment of my life without any question. The whole day was perfection. That night we went to dinner to celebrate and his family and our friends were all there to surprise me. Best birthday gift ever! We are so in love and SO thrilled to be engaged!

p.s. please excuse my hideous face while I’m crying. It is quite unfortunate that I am not pretty when I cry but be assured that I saved you all from MANY worse faces!

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Photos by Mary Grace