Nicole and Luiggi

How We Met

me and my fiancé met 6 years ago. it was the day before christmas eve and my bestfriend asked me to go out after work. i honestly didn’t want to, but i did anyways. when i first saw him i automatically was interested. right after we left that night i added him on facebook. he jokes all the time and says i added him before he even made it to the stop light in front of the restaurant. after that we started talking and the rest is history. he asked me to be his girlfriend a few months later at 11:11 pm on my birthday.

how they asked

We were in beautiful Puerto Rico on a family vacation. his family was all there. that day we went to El Yunque national rainforest. we swam in the waterfalls and the day was just amazing. after that we stoped at Luquillo Beach. i had no idea what was about to happen. we went on the beach and my fiancé kept asking me “what time is the sunset” i love watching the sunset, so i told him 638. he then asks me to go for a walk with him on the beach to take pictures. ( i love taking pictures and have a professional camera) so we go its about 630 and he says let’s go back to his family. so we did and the sunset is beautiful we are walking back and he tells me he loves me. then we get to where his family is and they ask me to take their picture in front of the sunset so i do. then his sister takes my camera and says she’ll take ours. as we are getting our pictures his nieces come from the corner with a big sign “nicole, will you marry me.” at first i had no idea what they were holding until i read it and saw my fiancé on one knee. i was so shocked and totally speechless !

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