Nicole and Logan

How We Met

It was my junior year and Logan’s sophomore in college at Grand Valley State University, when Logan asked me to his Fraternity spring formal. He asked me to go out to lunch with him where he took my phone, without me realizing it and change his name to, “Formal?”. When we were walking to grab a bite to eat he called me I anxiously said yes!

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I was SO excited to go, but we were strictly going as friends because we had no previous history, let alone only knew each other from meeting a few times throughout the school year. Boy, did that change quickly! After the first night of the weekend, I never told this to anyone because they would think I was crazy, but I knew one day he would be the man that I would one day marry. I remember sitting around with my friends expressing to them how much fun we were having and how much I was really into this cute man.

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After the weekend we took some time to get to know each other, going on dates and building a strong friendship through the end of the school year. I remember one of the first dates we went to the pier in Grand Haven, Michigan with a group of friends to take pictures and watch the sunset. We had such a fun time together and ended up grabbing a pizza while laughing all night together! SPOILER ALERT: Little did we know, but that would be the same outfit and similar backdrop he would propose to me just a few years later!!

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As the school year came to a close, we split ways for the summer, but we still were talking every day. Living 3 hours apart was hard to see each other, but we planned to meet up and go camping with a group of friends. On that trip, he asked me to be his girlfriend!

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how they asked

We were living in Nashville, Tennessee at the time and we planned to go visit our families back in Michigan for Labor Day weekend as well as to pick up our new toy golden doodle, Knoxlee.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Charlevoix South Pier, Charlevoix, MI

Our first stop was to visit my family where Logan secretly asked my dad for his blessing, which my dad replied back with “Absolutely, but no return policy!”. A few days later we drove up to one of our favorite places in the world, Charlevoix, Michigan where we spent the remainder of our vacation visiting his parents. He led me to believe that we were going to take a couple photos with our new puppy by the lighthouse for our upcoming Christmas card. He sent me downtown with his parents to go shopping while he was going to go visit with his friend, Drew. Logan told me he would meet me at the beach when he was done. I show up to the pier with Logan’s parents and walked down to the beach where Logan and Drew were standing. Logan grabbed me by the hand and pulled me closer to the water where Drew walked away with Knoxlee.

To my surprise, Logan pulls out a collar from his pocket for Knoxlee and says to me, “I got a new collar for Knoxlee.” I quickly turned over the dog tag to read “Marry Me?”. After that, Logan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Without any hesitation, with tears in my eyes, I so happily said YES!

Special Thanks

Maggie Hamilton
 | Photographer