Nicole and Leonard

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How We Met

We know each other since secondary school days. She was 2 years my junior. Ironically, I happened to know her as she was dating one of my close friend from the same school then and she’s also the cousin of another close friend of mine. Small world but yes, that was how I come to know of her existence.

We wasn’t really close at all during secondary but got to know each other better when we were in Poly days. Somehow or rather, we started to chat often and hang out frequently. Bit by bit, I started to know more about this girl and I like to hang out with her unknowingly. So that marks the start of our friendship and little did I know we will be walking down this road as couple as the years come by…

how they asked

I wanted the proposal experience to be memorable for the both of us and not something like a routine every couple have to go through in order to get married. After brainstorming for a few ideas with a couple of my buddies, I’ve decided to set the venue at Coney Island, which happens to be behind our soon to be love nest. I thought it will be meaningful for us to popped the question there and it will be served as wonderful memories in the future when we strolled in the Island.

Originally, I wanted the proposal to be a private thing for just the both of us but I know Nicole would love to have 4 of her best friends to be there and witness this significant event of us. Therefore, I roped in her best friends to help out in the decorations of the proposal and more importantly, to be there to witness their best friend getting engaged.

Since this is an once in a lifetime event, I wanted somebody to capture all the important and memorable moments for us so that we can relieve those moments from time to time. So, I started to research online to see how could I engage a professional photographer to help us capture these important memories. After few weeks of researching, I chanced upon Michelle and Alvin works from Awesome Memories photography and I really loved the pictures they took! Excitedly, I emailed Michelle hoping that they will reply to my email and helped out on this proposal of mine. Few days later, I received an email from Michelle asking me details of the proposal and that started our journey with them. I must say both Michelle and Alvin have been tremendously helpful and attentive to my proposal ideas and they even gave much opinions and Michelle is also involved in the decoration of my proposal venue which was outside her job scope. I’m very pleased with their service and professionalism and throughout the entire journey, communications was very prompt and help was rendered when I requested. I highly recommend couples to have a chat with them and see if they can work something out to assist you in capturing those awesome memories of yours


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