Nicole and Khris

Nicole's Proposal in White House, TN

How We Met

Khris and I had been together at the time for six years. Now going on eight.

How They Asked

It was Christmas Day 2018 and we were at my parents’ house. Khris and I were getting ready to leave. I picked up my purse and Khris takes it from my hand, sits it down and gets on one knee in front of the Christmas Tree. I would have never expected a proposal on Christmas. Khris is not the type of person to be cliche and propose on a holiday.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in White House, TN

I was blown away and totally surprised. He opens the box and it was the ring I imagined plus so much more. It was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Originally we had a wedding date set for May 30th, 2020 but had to reschedule due to the Coronavirus. Now, we are currently set to be married on September 12th, 2020.

Special Thanks

Lauren Pugh
 | Photographer