Nicole and Justin

How We Met

We met at a close friends birthday party, he was my friends oldest brother and I was off limits to him – so he just couldn’t resist. We dated for a year and then found out we were expecting a little girl, who is now 5 months old and her name is Winter Rose Bermingham.

how they asked

He planned the whole thing with my best friend Mariah, I thought she was just coming to hangout at my house like any normal day… But then all of the sudden my Mom showed up telling me that Justin had planned a little spa day for us and she was taking our daughters – there was a limo outside waiting. No one would tell me where we were going, I couldn’t even text Justin to find out why because for some reason my phone wasn’t working. I found out why when we arrived to our first stop- a Verizon store. When I walked inside there was a man waiting for me with this pretty pink bag with a balloon and flowers, inside the bag was a brand new iPhone, and my favorite flavor cupcake. Then we were taken to a nail salon in Newport where we both had nail appointments, and I might’ve had a little champagne to calm myself down ? Our next destination was Nordstrom where a gift card was waiting for me with the instructions to find something that made me feel beautiful. After trying on about 20 dresses I found the perfect one and then was taken to our final stop, where the driver and my friend left me at the top of a hill in Laguna Beach. The hill led directly to the beach, where I found Justin waiting for me on one knee under basically a spotlight in the sand- and one of our closest friends was hiding in the shadows taking photos. Hands down the best day of my life, my man knows how to make his girl feel like a Princess – and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

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