Nicole and Justin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Chicago, IL

How We Met

We met back in August 2010 at a house party at my cousins’. That summer my group of friends would have weekly house parties with the same people, however my cousin played for a summer baseball league and invited some of those guys to the party. Justin and I had both just graduated from two different High Schools but we also had mutual friends. At this time BBM (blackberry messenger) was the BIG thing, and all the girls at this party were gawking over the cute boy from Colonia. Determined to not be “that girl”, I completely avoided Justin and refused to ask for his BBM pin. Little did I know our paths would cross again just one month later. September rolled around and I began classes at our local county college. In the first week of class, my remedial English professor requested that we write a short essay. Later in the week, a received a call from the Dean of English department stating that I was going to be placed in a different English class, and proceeded to tell me that I was above the remedial level and that the only class available was a Monday-Wednesday at 8:00 am. I was livid because I did not go from having Mondays off, to having an 8 am! The following Monday I arrived in my new English class early so that I could review the syllabus with my new professor and introduce myself. While sitting in the front row I watched all the other students come in to be seated, and as fate would have it I look over only to see the cute boy from Colonia walk in. Our professor recommended that day we exchange numbers with another classmate in case we are absent, from that day forward Justin walked me to my car every day…and the rest is history.

How They Asked

On Sunday, July 14th at 5:02 pm my life would change forever…Justin and I have been on multiple vacations and usually have a very busy social life, so over the years I had multiple thoughts of “today is the day, he is going to propose” only to not get proposed to. But, after 9 years together, Justin and I decided to take our relationship to the next level and it was time to buy a house! We also decided that we should plan one last trip before making such a big purchase, so we planned our trip to Chicago. Justin is a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan, which then made me a HUGE Cubs fan, so obviously we had to catch a game or two at the best field ever. This would be our second trip to Chicago and being the type A personality that I am, I planned each day down to the hour…from Navy Pier, downtown Wrigleyville for a Cubs game, to the riverwalk…I had each day mapped out. During our first trip to Chicago we did a mid-day boat tour, so this time around I told Justin I wanted to do the sunset tour so that we could enjoy the city of Chicago all lit up, Justin said that since I planned everything else he told me he would book the tour for us.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chicago, IL

Justin kept saying that we had to get on the boat at 5:00 pm and that we had to go down to Michigan Ave at the DuSable bridge. On our walk over I kept saying how much I love the architecture of the buildings in Chicago, and I just so happened that my favorite building(The Wrigley Building) was right behind the DuSable bridge. Once we got to Michigan Ave Justin said “let’s take a selfie”, I agreed, but before we did I told him I wanted to take a picture of The Wrigley Building.

Proposal Ideas Chicago, IL

Nicole's Proposal in Chicago, IL

Once I took this picture I told Justin we had to hurry and take our selfie because we had to get on the boat for the tour. At 5:02 pm I began to just snap some quick selfies thinking we would do a lot of random shots. I noticed that Justin was moving a lot behind me and that he wasn’t in any of the pictures…. so I turned around to see him on ONE KNEE!

I couldn’t grasp exactly what was happening, my face felt hot, my heart felt like it was skipping beats, and my hearing went muffled. I only knew this…the man I loved more than anything was on one knee, in my favorite city, in front of my favorite building. I wanted to live in this moment forever, and it by far exceeded any expectations I ever had and was worth the 9-year wait.

Justin hired a photographer named Joe from Flytographer who he had been communicating with all day to take pictures of us during the proposal and scheduled a private boat tour for the two of us.

I was so confused how he got all of this past me…how he packed a ring in his carry on that I HELPED HIM PACK, how he planned the photographer and private boat tour when I was the one who had our whole getaway planned…I don’t know how he did all of this, but I know that once Justin put that ring on my finger the next chapter of our life began…

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