Nicole and Joshua

Image 1 of Nicole and Joshua

How We Met

We met like everyone does now, online. On to be exact. We chatted a bit online and hit it off right away. Then began texting and moved to phone calls. We were already hooked. Then we planned our first date. We met at a restaurant and he told me he’d kiss me right away. Well he walked right up to me, said hi, and kissed me! He loves foxes so I brought him a stuffed fox. I love turtles and he brought me a stuffed turtle and candy. Neither of us knew the other was bringing a gift! A giant pretzel, a couple drinks and then made out in the car like teenagers for hours. And we’ve been together every since.

How They Asked

Typical Thursday night, right? My step daughter (from my previous marriage) agreed to babysit Liam (my son)so I could get a night with Josh. I threw on jeans and a sweater and went over for a quiet night. I was expecting pizza. Didn’t fix my hair or makeup. Headed over and excited to relax and spend time with him. We both work so much and typically only get weekend together.He told me to call him at the exit. It’s only 2 mins from there to his house. Figured maybe he was making me a drink. What else dan you do in 2 mins!Then he told me to go to the shed in back. It was pouring and I was hungry. No idea what he planned on showing me that was so important.I threw on my hood and luckily had on boots and walked across the grass to the back shed. I opened the door and he was in there with Xmas lights strung along the ceiling, candles lit all over and fall decor abs flowers.The pumpkins lit and he was in a suit and on one knee holding the ring. I kept looking at him and the pumpkins that spelled out “will you marry me?”I was in shock. I fell down to my knees, I kept asking “really?” and I started crying and hugging him. And of course I said YES!!!

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