Nicole and Josh

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How We Met

We met August 2013 when I came to Warner as a freshman (he was a junior), although Josh had apparently picked me out on the volleyball recruits page sometime during the summer ;). Soon after I got to school for volleyball preseason, I heard from our student assistant that his friend Josh from the men’s volleyball team thought I was cute, which I chose to let slide from my thoughts since I had just begun my first year of college and wasn’t interested in getting into a relationship. A week or so later a few of the men’s volleyball players came to our practice to help out. During a huddle I looked over to see one of those players staring at me. Embarrassed, he shyly looked away as quick as possible. I remember thinking he was so cute! A teammate pointed out to me later in that practice that the boy staring at me was the same boy I had been told thought I was cute.

His smile was enough to melt my heart, but me being the stubborn (says Josh) girl that I am knew that I wasn’t going to be the person to make any moves, and that if he was interested in me that he would have to be the one to do something about it. That fall semester consisted mostly of saying hi when we would pass by each other, which was fairly frequently. Josh later told me that we passed by each other so often because he would purposely plan it out thinking that if I would see him more often then the “law of attraction” would make me think of him more often. Yes I know, he’s a dork! Apparently he was way too nervous to actually come up and talk to me, thinking that if he would try to the only word he would get out might be something along the lines of “spoon”.

Towards the middle of the spring semester my friend (and now bridesmaid!) April and I were walking back to our dorm when we saw Josh shooting around on the basketball court by himself. We saw that he had his penny board, which was the exact same one as I had, and decided to go over and talk to him and see if he’d like to help me teach April how to ride it. About five hours and lots of laughter later, we had successfully taught April how to ride the board, as well as play a hundred or so rounds of horse. From that point on Josh became a bit more confident in pursuing me. We began to hang out as a group of four: Josh and I, April, and his friend Martin (groomsman). Finally before school let out we began to go on penny board rides and walks through trails with just the two of us. That summer we would skype for three hours almost every night, learning more and more about each other, and growing closer together. On July 20th 2014, Josh asked me to be his girlfriend!

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how they asked

We had already planned that Josh would come down to Sarasota Wednesday night and Thursday for us to celebrate our two year anniversary together. He was going to be taking me somewhere for a surprise dinner Wednesday night and then we didn’t have anything specific planned other than a photoshoot Thursday evening for our anniversary, (at least that’s what I thought). He took me to a fancy dinner at The Shore Wednesday night and then we stopped by the beach and sat in his car watching the sunset and exchanging gifts. For his gift he handed me a box with a gold bow on top. After handing it to me he grabbed it back and said, “Oh wait, how do I get on one knee in a car”. Thank goodness he wasn’t actually about to propose to me in his car, but regardless, rude! I opened the box and found a truffle placed inside, which I sure didn’t mind. But I already knew that his gift to me was taking me on multiple dates. We went back to my parents house that night and talked about how we may go to the beach the next day, or maybe to lunch and a movie. Little did I know, he had so much more planned!

The next morning he said he didn’t really feel like going to the beach, but that we would do lunch and a movie. After giving me about a 15 minute notice and telling me to wear the dress I had planned for the photoshoot, I rushed to get myself ready and off we went to lunch. Turns out he had planned the afternoon further in advance than I realized. We went on a lunch cruise, and it was wonderful! We spent the time talking about life now and in the future, and of course eating lots of food. After the cruise we went to see a movie, as promised. After the movie I thought we would be heading home, but instead he drove to St. Armand’s circle to walk around. It was at this point that I could notice something was a bit off. Anyone who knows Josh knows that he is a smooth talker.

He can talk his way into or out of anything; but he wasn’t being smooth. I could tell that he was trying to stall for something, which I assumed was just another anniversary surprise, because all of the excuses he was giving me as to why we were going from place to place were terrible. For example, after walking around St. Armand’s he drove up to Lido beach because he wanted to see the beach since he would go home that night and couldn’t see it tomorrow. See what I mean? We ended up at Marina Jack because he said he’d like to take a picture in front of the statue. Marina Jack was a place significant in our relationship, as two years prior we had each realized that we wanted to be together for the long-haul, which we didn’t talk about until after dating for quite awhile.

As soon as we got out of the car he held my hand and started to talk to me about our relationship and how when he first saw me sing during the chapel service at our school, he knew that he wanted to be with me. As he nervously stumbled over his words, I quickly realized that he may be proposing for real this time. But as we got up to the statue there was another couple there and we swapped taking pictures for each other. I then thought that him talking must have just been a moment that we had now lost. However, he then took me aside and positioned me by a tree and began talking about our relationship again.

At this point I couldn’t focus at all on what he was saying but kept thinking, “Is this actually happening?!”. He then got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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I stared at him with my hands on each side of my face still trying to process whether this was a dream or reality. After being on his knee for what I’m sure seemed like forever to him as I stared my jaw to the floor, he said. “So… is that a yes?” After saying yes with the biggest smile and tears beginning to stream down my face, he got up and turned me around to see both of our families walking towards us.

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And then the streams of tears became floods. This was the best moment of our lives thus far, and I cannot wait to marry this sweet man!

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