Nicole and Jordan

Image 1 of Nicole and Jordan

How We Met

Jordan and I met in December 2016 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We both vividly remember awkwardly shaking hands through a small wall cutout at the home we were at. Nothing special happened that night, but two months later he crashed my best friend’s and my housewarming party. My bestie and I weren’t too thrilled after we saw him in our kitchen that night pouring beer down a wine aerator. As time passed, Jordan and I grew to be extremely close friends, even offering each other dating advice on occasion.

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Unbeknown to each of us, his friends would ask him, “Are you and Nicole going to start dating?”, and my friends would ask me, “Are you sure you don’t have feelings for Jordan?” As many months went by, I started to realize that I did have romantic feelings towards him, but I kept them to myself for almost a year, which, don’t get me wrong, was pretty excruciating. Let’s just say that it took him quite a long time to realize his feelings for me, but when we both finally expressed how we felt towards each other in summer 2019, there was no turning back. Despite spending more than half of our relationship dating during a global pandemic, we have been consistently grateful for the foundation of friendship that had been created over a few year’s time, and it has been the most growing and fulfilling time of our lives.

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How They Asked

Jordan proposed in Laguna Beach, CA on December 23, 2020. During the days before the surprise proposal, we actually had to social distance from each other due to COVID-19 exposure (luckily, we tested negative!). Literally four days before he proposed we got creative during one of our “social distanced” dates and ate burgers in our separate cars in a parking lot, making sure there was at least an entire parking space between us.

Image 4 of Nicole and Jordan

On December 23rd, he picked me up from my apartment under the guise that we were going to exchange Christmas gifts over a happy hour picnic at the beach. I was truly fooled. When we got down to Laguna Beach, there was a romantic and beautiful setup, with rose petals, a bottle of champagne, our favorite music playing, and photos of us over the past four years.

Image 5 of Nicole and Jordan

Through (a lot of) tears and laughter, he read a letter to me and then got down on a knee to ask if I’d marry him. I could hardly catch my breath to respond with a “Yes!” As we embraced, I heard cheering from a hill overlooking the beach, and our families, with masks and all, were gathered to celebrate the moment. Who knew that my housewarming crasher would become my fiancé?

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