Nicole and JonEric

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How We Met

We first saw each other when I was about 14 and he was about 17. He was my cousin’s best friend. He was walking into the house when he turned, caught my eye, smiled and kept going. I never stopped thinking about him since. Fast forward, I’m 17, a Senior in high school, my cousin calls me, and wants to hang. I demand JonEric be there! We all went bowling and the rest is history. I fell for him the second I saw him. We have been together for nine years since then, have an apartment, the cutest pup in the world, and he has given me an engagement to remember.

how they asked

We decided to go to Antigua for a week as a summer vacation. My fiancé had this planned the moment we booked. He had his cousin bring the ring (it was a couples vacation to Antigua), told me not to expect anything so that I can enjoy the vacation and not be disappointed (he started a fight is really what he did) to throw me off, and planned a romantic dinner just the two of us on the beach. We stayed at Sandals who offers complimentary pictures at sunset on the beach.

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He then decided that was the perfect moment to propose. He had the photographer in on it. The photographer had us pose facing away from each other. Then he told me to turn and as soon as I look at Jonny, boom! Jonny is on one knee, ring out, saying my full name, with the biggest smile I have ever seen him have. In shock, I backed away yelling, “No, No Way!” which of course I really meant yes.

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We went, had our romantic dinner, and had one of the best vacations we could ever ask for. Our wedding date is set, our venue is booked, and now, it’s time for us to spend the rest of our lives together.

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