Nicole and Jon

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How We Met

Jon and I met while we were both attending Rutgers University our Senior year. At the time, I was interning three days a week in New York at Nickelodeon. I usually came home from my long commute grumpy and tired, but I had stayed in the previous night which was Halloween so I considered going out that night instead. My always cheerful and energetic roommate convinced me to put on my costume, a Gatsby-inspired flapper outfit, instead of my pajamas and I did. We checked out a couple of the bars and were waiting in line at another when I realized my earring had fallen out of my ear.

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While I was frantically searching the ground for it, I heard Lauren calling out to someone. I looked up and saw two guys walking toward us, who Lauren introduced as Ryan and Jon, her friends from one of her many committees. I immediately had eyes only for Jon and luckily they decided to join us for the night. While the four of us hung out, I spent the whole time talking with Jon, finding him cute, laid-back, and easy to talk to. I felt so comfortable with this guy who I knew nothing about. We said goodnight and the next morning I woke up thinking about him. I figured if it was meant to be, why waste any time, and added him on Facebook. A month later, after several “accidental” run-ins and group outings plotted by our friends, we went on our first official date.

how they asked

Jon and I started talking about getting married when we were together for only six months. I actually looked recently and still have the messages. Looking back it seems crazy, but I guess we were right. Our third year together was full of plenty of firsts, we bought a condo and moved in together, both started new jobs, and went on our first trip out of the country. (Canada counts I swear). So it makes sense that Jon chose our three year anniversary to propose. He told me we were going out to dinner in New Brunswick so to take the train there after work instead of my usual commute. When I got off the train Jon was waiting for me along with my sister who is currently at Rutgers as a Freshman. I thought this was odd since we were going to dinner but didn’t think it was too bizarre as the three of us spend a lot of time together. We began walking away from the downtown which started to make me suspicious. We walked toward the beautiful Kirkpatrick Chapel where my parents got married 30 years ago and one of my favorite spots on campus.

As we approached I saw large picture frames with photos of Jon and I in them. My sister grabbed her camera and walked to the side and started snapping pictures. I had been looking at the photos when I turned back and saw Jon down on one knee.

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At this point I jumped back in shock and started telling “Oh my god!” And “Is this for real?!” While most girls cry and look lovely and calm, I proceeded to show things for a couple of minutes before Jon reminded me that he had asked a very important question. I screamed Yes of course!

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After lots of kisses and staring at the gorgeous ring, we walked over to the restaurant to finally have dinner. I figured Jon, my sister, his best friend who had been filming, and I would celebrate the four of us. Nope! We walked in and Jon had arranged all of our family and close friends to be waiting for us with champagne and dinner.

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We had the most wonderful night celebrating with everyone and it was such a perfect way to start our engagement and life together.

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