Nicole and Johnathan


How We Met

In September of 2008, my senior year of high school, Johnathan, who had just graduated, went to a soccer game at our high school to watch his friends play. I had gone to help a friend video record the game for the Sports News segment. About half way through the game, I thought I heard my friend calling my name from the parking lot, she had forgotten something in my car and had run down to grab it. Well I spun around really fast while standing on top of the bleacher seat and I slipped off and landed right on top of him! I apologized profusely hoping I didn’t hurt him but everything was fine! After the game we exchanged phone numbers and got to know each other over the next few days, Johnathan asked me on the Sunday after the game to go on our first date! After the movie and dinner Johnathan dropped me off at home and we continued to talk through phone calls and text messages until two days later when it all became “official”. Johnathan sent me a text message while I was in my Spanish class asking me a very simple question: “Will you be my girlfriend?”. I obviously answered “Yes”, I mean c’mon, how could I not, it was so corny! We’ve been happily together for the last 7 1/2 years!

how they asked

We decided to delay our 7 year anniversary trip until December just to be able to experience seeing the snow in North Conway, NH and experiencing the Christmas themed activities while there. Johnathan took care of booking the hotel, not something out of the ordinary as he is more particular about certain things than I am. He picked Nordic Village which is a ski resort of sorts where he stayed when he was younger. We checked into the hotel and decided to get a quick meal, nothing too fancy but just a burger or something of the like. We enjoyed our meal immensely and after dinner we decided to go straight back to the hotel, it was about 8:30/9:00pm so we were tired after the 3 hour drive. All of a sudden Johnathan pulled off the road by this lit up gazebo on the road into the resort, I was a bit confused but didn’t really thing anything of it, he’s always wanting to check things out. We got out of his truck and walked over to it and just kinda sat and chatted about how pretty it was and how “Christmasy” it felt. I had said I was tired and wanted to go back so I got up and started to walk back to the car, as I’m walking past him, Johnathan grabs my arm, spins me around, gives me the biggest hug and smile ever and says “I’ve been waiting to do this all day” as he’s getting down on one knee! I was so shocked I just kept asking “Are you sure? Are you serious?” I don’t even remember exactly what he said because I was so surprised but it was something like “Nicole Marie will you spend the rest of your life with me”. Obviously I said “Yes!”!!! It is honestly the most memorable vacation of my life! We will be saying “I do” on our 9 year anniversary next September!