Nicole and John

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How We Met

John and I met three months before I was set to move to CA for graduate school (we both grew up in Rhode Island so I was planning a 3,000-mile, cross country move). A friend told me John was interested so, I said okay to giving John my number. I wasn’t looking for anything serious and neither was he, but we thought it would still be fun to go out on a few dates before I jetted off to Los Angeles. It was a Wednesday night when I (Nicole) finally got John to ask me out– I told him I was going to be in Warwick (where he lived) around 5-6pm that night, dropping my Aunt off at the airport, knowing he played trivia at a place called Picasso’s right near the airport. I knew if I planted the seed, he’d ask, and he did! I was quite surprised when his brother, sister, and cousins showed up to join us! Looking back on it, it was very sweet to see how close he is to his family.

We went out again that Friday and Saturday and a week later we became exclusive (so much for just going on a few dates!) A month later I went away to Alaska and it was there I realized I loved John. If you know me, you know how much I love to SHOP! While in Alaska all I could think about was; would John like this, should I buy him this? In those moments I knew I was in love. When I got back I was nervous to say anything because it seemed too soon, it had only been a month! But, a few days after I got back, he told me he loved me and that he wanted to try long distance and give us a chance. Of course I told him I loved him too and said yes to trying long distance… I had never been in love before and I knew I would regret not going for it.

The rest of those three months flew by and we spent nearly everyday together. When it came time to say goodbye and move to LA I was heartbroken. He made sure to visit every month but even still, those were some difficult months! We FaceTimed everyday and starting talking about the possibility of him moving out to be with me. Four months later, come January 5, 2016, John and I boarded a plane together for LAX. He left his old job and family/friends back in Rhode Island and we moved in together. Two days later we bought a dog, and here were are engaged, a year and a half later.

I was never one to believe in “fate” or that whole “everything happens for a reason” stuff until I met John—as cliché as that sounds. If we hadn’t given it a shot, I would’ve lost out on the love of my life. We’ll be married in six months and we couldn’t be more excited!!

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how they asked

It was a Thursday night and I (Nicole) was driving home after what had been a horrible day at work. To add to that, my drive was going to be about 1.5 hours home, so, I asked if John could prep dinner, but he said he was out. I was hoping he was telling a little white lie and that he’d have dinner waiting for me when I got home… Little did I know he’d have a proposal waiting for me! So, after the hustle and bustle of LA traffic I finally arrived home. When I opened our apartment door, I saw the table was set with not only a yummy meal, but candles and flowers too. I thought to myself, “Aw, he ended up cooking and surprised me!” Before I knew what was happening John reached for my hand, got down on his knee, and pulled out a little black box with the most beautiful ring inside. I dropped my bag and keys and began sobbing—I missed his whole speech (after the shock set in, he told me that he barely remembered what he said, but that he loved me, I made him so very happy, and he wanted to spend his life with me). It wasn’t until the tears stopped and I could breathe that I noticed the Jenga game on the table. I had no idea what it meant so I asked John, “wait, but why Jenga?” to which he replied, “it was the game we played on our first date!” What started out as a crappy Thursday at work turned out to be the beginning of our future together.

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