Nicole and John

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How We Met

John and I met when I was a freshman in college, I signed up for marching band my first semester because I wanted a way to meet people and becoming a music major I would have to do marching band eventually. John and I actually knew each other for a while before we went on our first date because he was my head drum major, so we became close because well as John put it “I couldn’t take my eyes off of you from the podium and I knew I was going to have to do something about it”. Neither of us knew it yet but we would soon figure out that we were meant for each other. Months after marching season ended John and I became good friends, talking on and off. Ironically the main subject we talked about most of the time were boy problem. After months of on and off talking John finally took a chance and asked me out on a date, from there we were a hit. We had lunch at a restaurant that I didn’t particularity enjoy actually, but I didn’t want to tell John that so I held my tongue until later in the relationship. Speaking to him on that date I knew that this man was special and was different than anyone else I had ever met. From there we fell for each other and before we knew it John was popping the question and we started to think of our life together.

how they asked

John and I have a unique situation. We are both musicians and John’s biggest dream has been to make a military band, he loves playing jazz music and has been thinking of this job since he was younger. As our relationship progressed John began auditioning for different branches until he finally made one. The Marine Corps band, he was going to be sent off to boot camp and then to school for music studies. As excited for this situation as I was I knew we had some quick decisions to make about what we wanted to do with our lives together.

We went back and forth on what to do because neither of us wanted to be away from each other for long periods of time but we knew if I wanted to finish school, and he wanted to start his dream we would have to make some compromises. We decided to get engaged before John left for basic and we would make long distance work until I could finish school and we could be together.

Although I knew it was coming, I never would have expected it the way it happened. We were at one of our close friends wedding, I was having so much fun and had been waiting for this wedding for so long and it was well worth it. After lot’s of dancing and fun it finally came to the bouquet toss. I lined up with all of the girl and as we danced with the bride, she turned around and asked us to count it down as Beyonce single ladies is playing in the background. We began to count but when we reached 3, something magical happened. The music cuts and begins to play John and I’s song, the bride turns and hands me the bouquet and as I take it in shock, I turn around and there John is; down on one knee with the biggest grin on his face I’ve ever seen.

Proposal Ideas Hillside, Colorado

So much joy flooded my body and although it only lasted a few minutes it was the most sensational few minutes of my life. As tears begins to rush my eye I nod and he stands up and swarms me with a hug. I think my favorite part was what happened next. Our good friend who set all of this without me knowing told us that doing this at her wedding, was a honor for her. Both John and I had made such good connections with our friend and she wished us the best luck in our next journey in life because she knew it wasn’t going to be a easy one, she hoped we would have happiness with each other and that through all the struggle we would make it work because she knew how much we cared about each other. From then on John and I counted down our days left together, we spent them wisely surround by friends and family until he left. Now John is in boot camp and I’m focusing on my school sending letters back forth to stay in contact with each other, waiting till the day we can walk down the alter to one another and become husband and wife.